March 12th, 2012, 09:34
First off,FLIGHT is Great!..most all here can go thru the challenges!.No Problem!!..One However is really challenging.For me at least!!..Frankly in real wold ,I would ,with this one,I would Climb,Communicate and Confess!...''this ILS approach ,is difficult..The RV-6 here is very sparse for IFR...no Outter,Middle,Inner Marker.that I"aware of!..And with no Approach plate?...ROTARERUCK!!...I did manage to find it a few times,...even bounced off of it..Pure Dumb luck....Well I will keep trying...Thank GOD for the Repeat Mission.AD INFINITUM..I am sure,many have completed this..I will also!.Hope ya changed yer pants after this one!http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/images/icons/icon28.gif

The other the GOLD RUSH WIND FARM FORD ISLAND....If any one flew like this,he would wind up With his wings on a Cloud up there...Or Declared a MANIC.and Restrained for LIFE!.:icon_lol:.but As a Fun Thing??? ITS FUN...And does represent the GAME THING with FLIGHT.

Now saying this,if you Fly Normally,to the Best of yer ability,as if you were in the Real world????FLIGHT even surpasses FSX in its realism...Controls are most real ,.Low and Slow,General Aviation Flying.Along with Yoke and Rudder..and De Gaming the Thing...its SUBURB.....Awaiting the Alaska ad don coming,,and I am Sure.."OVER THERE" cannot be far behind!!.....must Say Along with my FS9,My FSX ,FLIGHT now has a permanent place in my Desk top Sim World!..Some day the PERFECT SIM will be ours..But not Yet...Then Again Look at my Avatar,the Green stick thing..we all thought that was Great also..not too long ago!.HAVE FUN!!:applause:

March 12th, 2012, 10:31
I must say that I'm having more fun with Flight than I expected. The RV6A challenges thru the fog into the airports (5 & 6) were quite good, and keeping the needles centered keeps you on your toes. By sheer chance I managed to find the runway on #6 after the wind knocked me off the centerline. I just happened to spot the runway off to my left and was able to put it down right on the centerline, although I did hit pretty hard. Managed a Gold on #5 and Bronze on #6.
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours on multiplayer and it was a kick getting input from "gamers" trying out Flight for the first time. Sounds like Microsoft's strategy is bringing more people into the fold. The more I fly this thing, the more it appears the "just a game" posts I've been reading are completely wrong.
FWIW, the most disparaging remarks I've heard about Flight have come from third party developers p/o'd that Microsoft is keeping all development in house.

March 12th, 2012, 12:02
Glad..........I got there also..."A PIECE OF CAKE....NOT"....just rescued that Surfer....yes great Fun and FLYING..it Is Flying after all.!!.....reminds me of what you say,.....the FSX thing..when it first came along....I Think FLIGHT is here to stay...and its a LOTTA FUN!...KEEP EM FLYING!!...Vin http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/images/icons/icon23.gif