View Full Version : Albion Prelude Ver 2.0 has been released :)

March 3rd, 2012, 12:27
Check it out folks, I am just loving this - http://www.egosoft.com/x/xnews/201203_1_44News.html

BTW the boxed version is available and for anyone that has a DL version there is a special exe file you can download from Ergosoft to allow you to run it without the Steam Client.

You have to give these guys/Gals credit, they listen to their customers and they respond, for the folks that don't like steam - no prob give us a couple weeks we will fix you right up and Poof, here we are - Gig likes that.

March 11th, 2012, 13:00
I am spending wayyy to much time on this game/sim/new reality what ever in the he(double hockey sticks) it is. I have to say AP is a major improvement over the rest of the series, and now that I have some of my fav scripts installed I am having a blast.

I did kind of goof myself up and lost my saved games so I caved in and installed the Cheat Package so I could basically put myself back to where I was, I had been buying quite a few ships and usign them for various manual trade runs and quite a few fighters for escorts, so it was hard to be exactally sure but I am at roughly the same strength now I think. I have spent the last few hours remapping the univers map so I have all the sectors back in my nav computer, I am dropping Advanced Sats as I go which is not very exciting but it does pay off.

The real interesting thing I found was when i was rebuilding my fleet creating ships I lost, I goofed and selected the APGunner by mistake, what a cool mistake, this thing is my new fave, it's am M6 but the thing can carry Cap ship weapons and has a nice big cargo bay. It is not as fast as a Vidar or a Nemisus, but does it ever pack a punch. I am heading into "indian territory" as they used to say, there is a Xenon sector that I plan on having some target practice in tonight. I did make enough cash in the last few freight runs and passenger shuttles to finally get an M7 so me and my buddy are going to have us some fun, Guns - Check, Ammo - Check, Full load of Missles - Check, six pack of Space Fuel - CHECK:guinness:, it's time to PARTY!:applause: