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March 2nd, 2012, 09:45
I have this plane, a Lockheed L-10, payware, for FSX. The L-10, I assume, had constant speed propellers, and in the aircraft.cfg and the air file, the props are assigned to that type (type=0). However, in the sim, the plane behaves as though it has a fixed pitch prop system: Moving the prop controls has no effect on the RPM. Well, almost no effect. You can see the RPM gauge register a very small change in RPM from max to min on the RPM lever. The RPM gauges show RPM changes only when the throttles are adjusted. This is expected behavior even with constant speed props, when you’re at a low power setting and the engine is incapable of maintaining the selected RPM. So, what may be happening in this case is that the RPM controls are just not doing anything (much). Not sure. Tried changing out the entire [engine] and [prop] section in the aircraft.cfg with those of other, “known good” planes, but this has no effect on the problem.

Dev One
March 2nd, 2012, 11:23
Sounds more likely that you have found a plane with variable two position props - the standard FS9 Comet simulates the Ratier airspeed sensed variety & there is over at Calclassic a system that replicates variable (non-constant speed) pitch props that I believe can be added to a few aircraft.
Not sure at this moment how one can research what you have though.

March 2nd, 2012, 14:37
Hi Keith,

This is certainly a possibility. The L-10 came out at the early part of the "constant speed" technology era, and perhaps it wasn't constant speed at all, but "controllable pitch", and maybe an early version of that. The plane is the First Class Simulations (FCS) L-10. It's really a nice plane, with L-10C and L-10E modeled, with the gigantic tank capacity that Amelia Earhart had.

- Paul

Dev One
March 3rd, 2012, 10:16
If its working as a 2 position variable pitch prop, then in fine pitch it should over-rev once airborne & then when you put the pitch to 'Coarse' the revs should drop & the aircraft should then accelerate. In otherwords its as if one has two different fixed propellor pitches - if you understand.....
As I understand it FS9 (& possibly FSX) needs to be 'fooled' into thinking that there are two different props, although the control lever is a smooth variable between the two extremes, (except of course the DH88 Comet which is speed switched - look at the propellor listing in the aircraft.cfg.)
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