View Full Version : New FSX install-->Display issue-->Fonts on screen text questions

January 22nd, 2012, 04:21

I reinstalled FSX unto my new computer

Everything fine apart tiny issues with display
I run Nvidia GeForce GTX470 with the 285.62 driver,Win 7 64 bit

FPS is perfect now (from old 19ish to now 31 ish)

But (tiny but)the on screen text is unsharp&with mixed colour,the menus are very transparent and upon start it says it has to move the colour profile to win 7 Aero .

Can I edit the fonts , the colour and font size?
Can I change the background colour of the menues-->I fly real wether so often a grey cloud background-->see nothing?
As I asume the menu is an Windows thing so how can I avoid this colour schem shifting upon start?

Thanks for answers

Best regards