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November 24th, 2011, 17:16

What if I want to start a new series, brand new, based on the vanilla, plane X3TC.

What would I need to do? Do I copy/paste the entire X3TC pack, rename the original, and create a secondary personal files for the original that is renamed? How would you do this? And if you know, can you tell me the details please.

What I want is to save my present game intact, but start a new one. I can save my 'saved games' files, which is over 6 Gigs (if you can believe that).

I would like to know how hard it is to work my way back up.


November 27th, 2011, 20:40
Well, I duplicated/zipped my various saves, stored them away, then went into the game and click New Game.

I found out that I couldnt haul passengers without 'cargo life support'. I went EVERYWHERE to find that option. I wanted to play this fair and square, and dang if I could find it. FInally, I asked on Google and got a list. Most are Pirate bases. Im like, what??? 3 hours, 30 min's later, I end for the night.

Goodness. I think I will sell both ships for a hauler.

November 29th, 2011, 14:58
Found a Pirate base, and have been hauling people around. Good to have money in my pocket again, even if it is only virtually, lolol...

Loving it!

Something cool about starting out new again. With the increased knowledge of it all, it is a challenge. Mind you I did like creating stations and ships at a whim. I wish it had variable player accounts so one could jump between the two or three versions.

I am so used to doing 1,000 m/s through a system. Doing 100 m/s is like...... Slipstream on oatmeal...

November 29th, 2011, 15:29
Wow, you guys lost all those credits and went back to the poor farm. LOL Well I'm thinking of doing it myself. But with a hitch... I'm keeping the Apricot Mapping Service Mod.

I haven't played in a few months but only because I'm stuck trying to confiscate illegal wares. Could figure out how to get them on my ship. I know I can do it but the 'how' escaped me. Besides I'd made over 100 million credits and they were doing me no good. I didn't want to spend them. And bribes were out of the question. LOL

November 29th, 2011, 18:35
Dang Gary! 100 Mil???!!#$%

Make a few stations and Fleets!!!! lol....

Yes, its weird starting over, but with cheat, you can fall back on that if things get boring. I intend to see if I can get back fast into the saddle again and buy ships 'legally' this time instead of using the cheat/create ship/clone ship 12 times thing...

I must admit though, it was fun while it lasted. Now to work on my business strategies... Humble merchant..

November 30th, 2011, 18:26
I'm going to still be a 'protector of the universe'. Lot's of credits in it once you build up your reputation with the different races.

I only sell ships I find abandoned out in the 'verse, and scan asteroids once in a while. All depending on how bored I get. LOL

December 1st, 2011, 14:10
Bill sorry I missed this, I was away in Newfie again.

There are a couple of ways you could have done what you were asking very easily, what I do is a quick rename of the save game file extension, just change it to .bak for all of the saved games and the game ignores them. Then anytime you want you can go back and swap for what ever you want. There is also the Save Game Manager which I used before, it is nice but I have not installed it this time.

I am back to Tranced, it has me hooked for now...

December 3rd, 2011, 08:26
Hey Mike,

Glad you got back safe. Thanks for the info. I am glad its that easy.

Roger that Gary. Have fun out there.

I have noticed that before I went back to the beginning, I was getting taxi requests that ranged from 1Mil to 10Mil. But back to the start, I am only getting offers of 2500 credits, lol... Maybe one will be 5,000. One was 10,000, but I wasnt fast enough, so it fell through.

I need to get my ship going faster, or find a way to double the speed somehow. I have boost, but not turboboost. I need a docking computer as well to really speed things up. I dont remember though of that is only a cheat or if it is a real component of the game.

So much to relearn, lol....

December 4th, 2011, 13:01
I know what you mean Bill, it was painful getting started in a "Plain Jane" M5 that topped out at 120... I messed around for an hour then went back to Transcend, you get some great ships to start and the plot is interesting so I am going through it again.

Regarding the Docking Computer, that is not a cheat, it is not overly hard to find, I seem to recall seeing it at more than a few equipment docks and many shipyards.

I was away all last week, and doing the work Xmas party thing so I have to get back in the cockpit now and blast some Xeon... :) Man I missed this sim...

December 5th, 2011, 20:26
Hey Mike,

I am cruising now. I found the Iguanna Vanguard which has a Docking Computer and have it fully outfitted now, cruising at 188 m/s. Made over 1/2 Million Credits (in savings, not included spent funds on equipment). Having a blast now, once again.

Have fun with the Christmas party celebration project. I hope it all goes well.

Careful with those 'intoxicating' cookies, heh heh....


December 6th, 2011, 10:58
Bill, I'm sorry but I made a mistake. I checked my finances and I had made just over 721,000,000 for being a mercenary. Sure beat trading, and there's lots of travel too. :d

Mike have a great time and eat lots of goodies. You guys up there sure know how to set up a great spread of food for a party.

December 7th, 2011, 02:51
Thanks guys, it has been so much fun getting back into the cockpit in X3, I have been sooo tempted to reload every Mod but I settled for Xtended and Trancend II, I am concentrating on Trancend right now it has become my fav and really is like a whole new game. I did make one neat discovery, (I think this works in all versions as well) there is a ship called the "Springblossom" if you have ever come across it, well it does not look very useful, no weapons slots, it can't carry any missles, and not much cargo space... but (BIG BUT) can this thing ever move! If you recall the story line these are the racers -think NASCAR in Space, with no upgrades it starts off at a respectable 150 I think, but if you add full engine tuning the thing tops out at over 1000 - NO Cheats involved! I found one abandoned and claimed it then took it for a little spin, after I figured out it might be useful for some qiick exploration runs I tuned it up and went on a little "explore" - what a blast. I covered 10 or 12 sectors in no time, those pesky Pirates, and Xenon be damed this thing can outrun all the missles they threw at me, and even many of the lasers, so a little dodge and weave and zip through a hostile sector in no time. I just wish the cargo bay had room for a couple of squash mines or Advanced Sats, then it would be super useful. I did decide to give it a try running "Superturned" but Oh Man that is not for the faint of heart, the thing zips up to over 3000 - you blast through a gate then all of a sudden you are wearing an Argon Mammoth as a hood orniment - read "Game Over, go directly to dead, do not pass go, do not collect $200 - Start again". Still if you want to do some quick scouting and not use the reveal all sectors cheat (I really did't want to do that this time), the Spring Blossom is just the ticket. I also kept a small ship carrier and a Vidar ready to call in for those times when I found a few really good abandoned ships, I would have the Salvage Team jump in and collect my new found bounty and jump them out to a shipyard for refit or disposal - this by the way can yield some serious coin. I picked up some great ships and claimed several million credits for the stuff I did not want to hang on to - quick tip if you do this before you sell off any claimed ships check their cargo hold, I found some great stuff that is not always easy to find and just used Cargo Exchange to move it to my own freighter for safe keeping before I sold them for scrap.

December 7th, 2011, 04:56
Sounds cool Mike. And that Vidar is a good thing to have around. It's faster than a lot of ships. Has good weapons, shields, and useable cargo space too. Yeah I know, I'm very partial to it. :d

December 7th, 2011, 13:06
Gary I never travel far without my Vidar close at hand, it is without a doubt my fav ship! I like the Centar and the Lotus, but give me a Pimped out Vidar any day and it's Xenon Soup all around :)

December 7th, 2011, 14:45
Gary I never travel far without my Vidar close at hand, it is without a doubt my fav ship! I like the Centar and the Lotus, but give me a Pimped out Vidar any day and it's Xenon Soup all around :)

LOL... I know exactly what you mean Mike. I even have a Wing of Vidars that can clean house when I can't do it alone.

Just got back into TC/AMS this afternoon. I continued on instead going for a fresh start. God it was great to get back in the mix of things. Made 6.5 million just protecting 3 Stations. And an Assassin's job that paid 3.4 million credits. He never knew what hit him. LOL

Finally got my Big Mother and Elephant ships out with me and set to mix things up. I do have to get both some more speed to keep up with everything. I also need a place to stash my loot, so I'm setting up another HQ out in a Sector near the Terran gates. Might set up a factory or two also, just to make what's necessary keep me working as I'm acustomed to.

December 7th, 2011, 18:02
Man......!!!! This has me getting suited up and ready for my bird. Didnt fly last night. I am joansin bad!!!

I have never seen the Vadar. I'll have to look for it as a separate download, hopefully.....


<shuts airlock, decends to the hanger deck.. >

December 7th, 2011, 18:32
Bill, not sure where you can find the Vidarsarus seprately. Maybe Mike knows where.

It is in the AMS mod and found in the fleet of your ships you can choose from in the Argon Sector. How to get it out to use seprately outside the AMS mod is unknown to me.

December 8th, 2011, 06:22
Bill, I sent a PM to Cycrow to find out where the Vidarsarus cn be downloaded from.
I hope to hear soon and will put the link up here for you.

December 8th, 2011, 13:19
You are going to get me looking now at my Vanilla to see where it is... I thought it was part of the standard game, but I will have to check. Give me a few and I will find it, I know it is in Transcend II and AMS, I am also pretty sure it is in XTD so I think it is a stock Terran ship.

I post a screenie as well.

December 8th, 2011, 13:43
OK here are the quick stats, and it is part of the Vanilla game, I believe that AMS did some fancy upgrading but this is the original ship;
Race - ATF
Price - Not Buyable - you have to cap claim or cheat one to get it
Max Speed - 128
Shield - 5 X 200 MJ
Hull - 65,600
Cargo - 950 Large Containers
Laser energy - 19,000
Total Weapons - 14
Wep slots - Main 10, Top 2, Bottom 2

December 8th, 2011, 15:25
Arrigatto Mike. Man, I guess it will be a while before I have one of those, lolol... I need to cap it, I'll have to have a dang Nemesis! lol...

Thanks guys.


December 8th, 2011, 16:46
In the AMS mod the Vidar's speed is 499m/s. Not too shabby at all. Tho with the Cheat you can supertune it, or any of the others. ;)

December 19th, 2011, 08:19
Man, I am so glad I did this. Very good fun. This time, I tried making funds on asteroid scanning and have built up a TON of funds. Right now, scouting the new systems trying to find the gates everywhere with my lil Discoverer. I got a hyper drive for it, carries 48 Energy cells on board. Nice....!


December 19th, 2011, 11:18
You should also start claiming the abandoned ships and wares in the sectors you go to Bill. There's a ton of money in them too.

If they need repairs I do that and then sell them at the shipyards. Most times the ships are worth far more than if you just sell them off.

December 19th, 2011, 16:01
Remember tho that there are only 12 abandoned ships in the vanilla game, so unless you use a mod they are not easy to find. There are a few you can pick up as mission rewards and if you go into a battle zone on a mission there are sometimes one or two that get abandoned but unless you load up AMS or Trancend there are not that many ships to salvage.

December 19th, 2011, 16:11
That's true Mike..... I fergot all about that. :redf: I'm just so used to playing with the AMS mod it hard to remember the vanilla TC.

December 21st, 2011, 02:29
OK I forgot how painful it can be starting fresh, I have been taking it easy cruising around trading and picking up some easy jobs to build up my rep and fleet, and totally forgot about the bad guys... It didn't take long for them to find me cruising around in my nice fat freighter with all this cargo and no Vidar to watch my slow a$$ Mercury! It wasn't pretty and I barely slipped through a gate to safety. I did make it out in mostly one piece, but I took some heavy damage and much of my hard earned equipment was destroyed and some of the cargo with it, so I am now limping around looking for a shipyard to do some repairs and pick up the equipment I lost. I called in my Discover Raiders and as soon as they arrive I will be keeping them close at hand. I think I will try and pick up a few more if I can just to be on the safe side. On the bright side I did sneak back out from the Solar Power plant after the Pirates were out of sight and had a good jaunt around the sector picking up some salvage, those boys sure seem to have missiles to spare, I was racing a Magnatar to claim all the unexploded missiles and picked up more than a dozen.

Lesson learned, always have protection!

December 25th, 2011, 14:07
lolol Mike.

As you are telling the story, I am seeing it all in my mind. Been there, done that. I was destroyed twice, but restarted from saved points where I had just docked with a station. When it happened though, I was just staring at the screen thinking 'no way! that did NOT just happen!', the sad 'crash' X3 music score playing in the background, my debris spinning off into infiniti... <sniff.....>

December 25th, 2011, 14:09
You should also start claiming the abandoned ships and wares in the sectors you go to Bill. There's a ton of money in them too.

If they need repairs I do that and then sell them at the shipyards. Most times the ships are worth far more than if you just sell them off.

Thanks Gary for the advice. I will be doing that. I have 'never' sold a ship! I have had this game, I think 3+ years, and never sold one, single ship!!!


December 25th, 2011, 19:05
Ahhhh, then you've been missing out on some good and easy credits Mike.The last few nights I've played I've added to my credits with assassination jobs, of which one paid just 12 credits under 10 milion. Yep, you read right. The ships and wares claimed hasn't hurt either. I've now amassed a small but tidy fortune that has exceeded just over 925 million credits. Now if this was real money..... oh what a time I could have. LOL

I think when I hit 1 billion I might start a fresh career. Or maybe not. LOL

Merry Christmas guys. I'll see you out in the X Verse. Capt. Jack Sparrow, over and out.... for now. :d :salute:

December 25th, 2011, 23:29
MY GOODNESS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AN X3 BILLIONAIRE!!!! LOLOLOL.... I want your autograph!

That is some SERIOUS hard work, Gary!

December 26th, 2011, 06:11
LMAO.... Bill, my autograph ain't worth the paper it'd be writtin on. Besides, I'm not a billionaire yet. Remember now, this has been done with next to none trading. All done by sector protection, a wee bit of taxi service, selling claimed ships, and a whole bunch of assassinations. :d The rest ain't worth my time. LOL