View Full Version : Airbus Project - the a318 (baby) for X-plane

October 31st, 2011, 22:59
The Jet Experience.....

So I found an airbus a318 developed by "Project Airbus". Absolutely outrageously good external model, however a word of caution It's not an easy install, and it's "freeware" yes you heard it right :jump:. If anyone is interesting in adding the A318(baby) to their hangar in X-plane visit Project Airbus at their home site http://www.pairbus.com/ . If you are totally stumped about the installation and ready to go into HULK mode. Let me know because I have successfully installed the little bird with no problems after the most intense 30 mins of my life. If you choose that option my only X-plane requirements are to have Shock wave 3D lights otherwise it's not a big deal, you can still install the plane perfectly fine but you will just have to go into the aircraft.cfg, scroll down to the LIGHTS section and just change to standard fsx lights. I will post some photo's of the A318 created by Project Airbus.

51021 51023

51022 51024