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May 5th, 2011, 16:20
I've been trying to join this website for about 4 weeks or so now. Looks like I made it, although I cannot log in on the home page for some reason.
I'll have to practice trying to navigate this site,hope you'll bear with me.
I was a member of the old DRB forum a few years ago. This is a similar format.....and I do recognize some of the old names here from that time.
I belong to an IL-2 squadron with some friends , and " mates" from various places around the world. I also fly FS-2, and FS-3 single player only...always wanted to fly those on line with others but never have.
Glad to be here and look forward to learning from others and hopefully contributing to the SOH community if I can.
Special thanks to Willy for helping me get this far.
windigger :salute: