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Dry Run or Wrong Turn? 3 Mid-East Men Try to Enter Calif. Marine Base
the Blaze ^ | 3-31-11 | Jonathon M. Seidl

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:21:18 AM by Mozilla

Was it just a wrong turn, or something more sinister?

Marine base Camp Pendleton — one of the largest military bases in the country — is reportedly on high alert after three Middle Eastern men tried to enter the base last weekend on multiple occasions in multiple vehicles. And while the men initially claimed they didn’t know each other and simply took a wrong turn, new information from a local gas station about “hateful comments” and “terrorist threats” casts doubt on their story:

http://clipsyndicate.com/video/playl...0295?wpid=9528 (http://clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/8178/2340295?wpid=9528)

KGTV explains some of the shocking details:

According to a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) alert issued to high-ranking Camp Pendleton officials, someone reported hearing hateful comments and terrorist threats from three men at a gas station in Oceanside Saturday.

Investigators at Camp Pendleton said the men asked the attendant for directions on how to get to Camp Pendleton before they left the gas station.

According to the alert, shortly after midnight Sunday, a rented silver Toyota Corolla driven by Naeem attempted to enter Camp Pendleton through the main gate. As it was being searched, Petrossian and Avanosian drove up in a black Mercedes, but were told to wait. Instead, they continued past the gate and onto the base. Following a short pursuit, the Mercedes was stopped and searched.

No weapons or contraband were found in the Mercedes, but base security noticed the air bag in the steering wheel of the Mercedes had been pulled out and re-attached with duct tape and had wires hanging free, the alert said.


After questioning, all three men said they were headed to the same destination — Glendale. They were photographed and released. But that wasn’t the end of it. Later Sunday morning Naeem returned and again tried to enter the base, saying he was trying to get to the interstate. He was given a letter of debarment and escorted to the freeway, KGTV reports. A local security expert who does undercover work and asked only to be called “John,” told KGTV the incident sounds like a dry run.

Surveillance video screen shot on the blaze.com from the news report:

“Number one: they went on base twice. Their stories didn’t stick, kinda wishy washy. Number two: the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle,” John said. “They could have been probing the security, not just cameras, sensors, individual security from MPs. Three: [they] could have wanted to know what background checks would have produced.” KGTV says it has learned that since the incident, high-ranking Camp Pendleton officials have notified other bases as well as law enforcement about a possible threat.

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Yeah because that's upholding american values... :blind:

Tread lightly on the political content thank you.
In fact, avoid any such comments as the above regarding any nation and it's 'values'.

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Tread lightly on the political content thank you.
In fact, avoid any such comments as the above regarding any nation and it's 'values'.

So it is OK to say that you can hang middle eastern people but it isn't OK for me to say that?

That is RIDICULOUS. Period.

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So it is OK to say that you can hang middle eastern people but it isn't OK for me to say that?
That is RIDICULOUS. Period.

Now where did I say anything about hanging anyone?
Consider this a quiet warning and chill out for a while.

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Exactly why I don't post my opinions here....If you mods are going to warn one person for an "inflammatory" statement, then you better warn the other one as well. Daveroo's post was just as inflammatory, if not more so.

And yeah, I know, consider myself warned....

To get back on topic, the Camp Pendleton situation reminds me of an incident we had here in Missouri where 2 people were caught repeatedly trying to enter a National Guard base. Was later found out they were testing gate security in preparation for an attack. They were found to have homemade bombs in a garage just waiting to be loaded into their vehicle and driven onto the base once they found a way in. Luckily the base security reported their actions and they were investigated and arrested.

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I will go a step further and say these are the topics I don't even consider to post or to post in because they can go nowhere but political news or not.

Best just to stay out of it.

You can bet it will get closed or moved because someone will be unable to control their tempers when they post in the thread.

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i shouldnt have said what i said....but the second poster down..sorry cant remember the name...lol..miss understood my meaning.....i withdraw my stupid post

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Not quite 30 years ago I made a company sponsored trip to Munich.through Frankfurt, Germany. I didn't understand at that time the armed soldiers patrolling Frankfurt airport as an everyday process. In today's world that type of security is a way of life. Events such as this report out of Pendleton should remind us to not take anything for granted and to be a little more accepting of some of the inconveniences we might encounter.

Good for those Marines who did the job right!

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im just an idiot......my appologies to rayray and to,,the second poster down .....the guy right below me..ive sent PMs to both..i was NOT meaning to be offencive and i in no way meant middle eastern people do anything wrong..

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Thanks everyone!