View Full Version : Maybe a problem

Lt. Heinz Becker
October 1st, 2008, 12:01
My compuer has several disk drives. I have Floppy disk A:, DVD-RW Drive E:, Removable storage F:, and a Disk drive D:. For some reason, when I insert a disk into drive D:, the disk will run, and then slow down, and then speed up, and then stop. Also, it makes clicking noises and it takes a very long time for installer programs to load up. Luckily my Drive E: works fine and I can use it. So, whats wrong with D:? Are the lazer optics inside there to read the disks dirty or is it shot? I don't want to get a cleaning disk because I heard that they can scratch the optics up. I have an air compressor so I guess maybe I can spray it out? This isn't a major issue, but its annoying.:banghead: