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November 30th, 2008, 08:33
As in earlier threads in this forum I think I have a PSU going bad. At least I'm going to start with the PSU . (Occasional PC shutdowns and now nothing when pushing power button===also no power light) I have a ASUS Extreme board with the 680i processor. My current PSU is a 1000w ThermalLake Tough Power . I have already tried reseating all the cards including the memory and its a no go . Yes it could be a mobo going south but I thought I would start at the PSU. After research I have been looking at the Corsair 1000w HX series as the Thermal Lake has some bad reviews by some . My current case is a Cool Master 831 which should have no problems with the Corsair as the ThermalLake is quite large also Interesting thing about the ASUS Extreme board it has three small buttons(LED) on the mobo 1- pwr , 2-reset , 3-CMOS . If I hit the pwr button in the mobo the PC powers on and boots into Windows VISTA(64) but still no lighted power button or HD light on top of the case but I can use the PC with all the components working and even fire up FSX/FS9 The system is alittle over a year old . Any comments on the Corsair 1000w HX PSU ? There has been alot of people here at SOH that has had PSU failures with various units it seems like . The PSU takes alot of wear and tear and seems to be prone to alot of failures does'nt it ?

Maybe I'll have to save my retirement pennies and upgrade my MOBO and processor one of these days:costumes: It's a never ending hole we throw our coins into , is'nt guys and gals :banghead:

November 30th, 2008, 09:06
The PC will not power up when you press the button on the computer case, but does function properly when you press the button on the motherboard? Maybe it's a bad power button on the case. Yeah, it happens.

November 30th, 2008, 14:52
Hi Crusader,
I think you may be missing the obvious from what you have said.it is not uncommon for the actual on/off switch to develope a fault.As you have said you can start up your machine and run it ok by powering up from the mobo.If it was the PSU you could not do that.