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January 4th, 2011, 23:34
I am working on some bases for the Aleutians and also working on custom water ie harbour texture sets for other ports ...like a set of custom water textures for the shallow water of Pearl..

Is there a master map of what the numbers are of textures for the world? if i want to replace specific textures for a scenery ie Pearl what i think i understand we need to do is get the correct texture "name" and place a custom texture with the correct name in to the texture of that scenery folder...but to do that i will need the EXACT correct texture name....

so is there a master map of this> i remember Sander used to have one on his old site but that is gone. any help on this and correction if my suggested method wont work much appreciated. I have looked thru Sander's tutorial and Penn's pacific texture comparisons but no water textures are listed...

I found a list of water class types from Jean Bomber:

001 Shallow Inland Water-Blue
007 Shallow Inland Water-Brown
008 Deep Inland Water-Brown
009 Ocean Inlets-Brown
010 Non Perennial Inland Sea-Brown
011 Non Perennial Inland Water-Brown

but if i am going to set specific types for an area...say a harbour, i will need to know what that grid name is for that area....

thanks in advance for help on this.

January 6th, 2011, 10:42
Well from the lack of responses i am figuring there is NO master map of the texture placement in the CFS2 world...so other than going to the location with lat and longitude and using tools we are out of luck. If anyone DOES have a map or knows of one, please post the info for anyone like me who does want to help improve the CFS2 world..... i wonder if we could get a map from Microsoft....one would hope they would have one in their files somewhere...esp as I understand the game engine for CFS2 is identical to one of the FS series, not sure if it is FS2000 or FS2002..but one of them and there may be a map for that.

I will remain hopeful that somewhere there may be a guide..and if i do get to create some sceneries, i will be sure to post the texture locations and names for others to follow...so more can share and help with this. :salute:

Jean Bomber
January 6th, 2011, 12:41
...from the lack of responses i am figuring there is NO master map of the texture placement in the CFS2 world...Think the only master map is the default ....
...the lack of responses ....euh....not easy to explain summary that with some words ,the grid to work on the LC and WC is the lod5 ,if I can say, and a lod 5 is equal to 256 x 256 Area or lod13 (each lod13=+- 1,2 km)..etc...
The best would be to begin to read the Richard Ludowise’s tutorial and Christian Stock’s TMF tutorial,as said in the Ground2K_US.doc (that I invit also to read),and then we could speak in the FS scenery language :)

This manual tries to explain how it works, but you need knowledge of the SDK tools, Richard Ludowise’s tutorial and Christian Stock’s TMF tutorial.
Vocabulary :
- LWM : Land/Water Masks -> how to define or re-define land or water surfaces
- VTP : Vector base Textured Polygons -> how to create textured polygons and lines (road, river, shore …)

1. The earth is covered by water tiles (landclass 100)

2. Land tiles are defined where necessary; a tile covers about 1.2x1.2 km; each tile corresponds to a LOD13, a Lod13 has always the same sizes in longitude/latitude : 0.010986328125░for latitude and 0.0146484375░ for longitude.
Each LOD13 is divided in 256x256 points. Each point covers about 4.8x4.8 meters, a point is the smaller surface we can display using Resample.exe, LWM or VTP.

LOD13s are arranged in LOD8, a LOD8 = 32x32 LOD13, or in LOD5, a LOD5 = 256x256 LOD13.
We can used other groups, but in Ground2K, only LOD13, LOD5 and LOD8 are used.

In the rest of this help, we respect the FS vocabulary : a LOD13 is an Area, an LOD8 is a Cell

We can have seasonal textures for the tiles, the tiles are called Landclass ; there are created by Resample.exe, ‘ClassU8’ option.

First characteristic with Landclass : the tile textures are blended with the adjacent textures. FS, really, has worked well here.
Use the TmfViewer tool from the SDK to see what happens with the Landclass.
The landclasses tiles do not exactly cover areas as you can see with TmfViewer. When creating an island for example, you must cover more than your surface with surrounded landclasses.

First rule : work step by step and check the results in FS

Second characteristic : we have landclass values for water ; we obtain water, and what is interesting, floatable water.

3. we can locally change the aspect of the water, keeping the floatable water : in this case we used the Waterclasses. Use also TmfViewer.exe.

Important : Waterclasses do not define surfaces as water, but change only the texture.

TmfViewer is able to show our polygons, thus we will easily adjust the position of the landclass and waterclass.

Etc ......


It's possible to alter/modif the LC or WC but there is no definitive rules or other ultimate set of texture,but it's possible to play with several set of waters on the same lod5 with several EZlc project for the same place,for lakes streams or other particular water places, but often about the coastlines the default Water classes are near of the real often ,need just to get it better to replace the default water texture set or for some light retouch.
There is not only one tutorial to make a scenery there is a list of some ,each for one domain or tool but the addition of all these + to ask in forum and pick up infos advice ,tips, and reading posts, that's the way .


January 7th, 2011, 21:18
Merci Beaucoup Jean....!!Vraiment! that was very very very nice of you to help me. I prayed you might as you have done beautiful work with this.

I will study hard, i will study the tutorials ..and will keep reading them....and will try my hardest.

my first project i hope to achieve is a custom waterclass for pearl harbour..then some ports and harbours elsewhere...

thank you again.

January 8th, 2011, 17:39
Think I know what you might want Chris, There is an MS SDK for creating custom terrain textures.
i.e. If you want to apply photo real textures to the surface of the FS world you can. They get burned in over the top of land/water class. The SDK is for FS2002, (I tried it with CFS2 and it works) it includes the tools (imagetool and resample), instructions and samples. is here (http://files2.fsnordic.net/files/zip/Misc/customterraintextures_sdk.exe)

Jean Bomber
January 9th, 2011, 08:07
Hi Simon
The link doesn't work "http 403 refusÚ".....:kilroy:....
this one seems work:
there is the FS2002 Scenery Software Development Kit but I don't find the .../customterraintextures_sdk.exe

edit: I've got it ,it's the second part of the fs2002 sdk.
I will bookmark this link http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/images/icons/icon23.gif


January 9th, 2011, 14:49
Strange! Im sorry the link didn't work.
This might be the next step JP. I tried this a long time back, before G2K, I just did a small airfield, and ended up painting it any way, no good source then. the source textures need to be just right colour balance or they look out of place. May work well with small islands and maybe images from g__gl_ earth...

now I come back to this after lots of years, I see it doesn't work for CFS2!
oh no, I'm wrong again, it seems to be one thing I am good at,

I'm sure I remember it working, long nights must be taking toll.