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October 1st, 2008, 05:53
Because I've now got it down to a couple of hours per incredibly simple scenery (i.e. don't ask me to do Culdrose at this speed!), I sat down after getting back from an appointment yesterday and, in about two hours, knocked out a version of RAF Little Snoring. Yes, your first guess is the reason why. I've allocated it the fictional ICAO code of "EGZZ" for equally obvious reasons.

Anyway. Unfortunately, because UTX's development tool has picked up a number of the taxiways and remaining bits of runway as hardened road surfaces, these appear as roads as well as taxiways. Normally, they're hidden by the taxiways, but accesses to the old hangars that are now used for other purposes and new roads, etc, are visible over the airfield flatten and I haven't (yet) managed to work out how to exclude them. Therefore, I can't guarantee that a little notaFord Pickup or notaToyota saloon won't come careening down the taxiway towards you at an inopportune moment.

Does anyone care? Do many people even use UTX EU? Would anyone like to play with a silly (but accurately) named reproduction airfield for test purposes?

Ian P.

October 1st, 2008, 07:11
I'm using UTXE, but also VFRGenX.
For excluding road traffic i use FSX KML (Exclude__FreewayTraffic). Maybe that helps, if not ignore it :running:

October 1st, 2008, 14:08
Thanks Nils - problem solved. Roads gone. I have to exclude everything to get it to work, as UTX use a slightly odd way of doing roads, it appears, but they're gone within the airfield bounds. I'd never have thought of using a Google Earth tool to do that.

The only real issue I have now is one where the airfield is actually quite seriously sloped - 15m/45' from corner to corner (53m AMSL in the NW corner, 68m in the SE corner). This means it doesn't fit very well, particularly with the Horizon UK mesh. I've positioned it somewhere in the middle between the two extremes, but I'm not going to sit and spend hours blending it in using SBuilderX. If people don't like it, they can delete it, I'm afraid.

Just need to create some AI files for it using DG's Beaufighter now. I really need Aeroplane Heaven to do a FSX native AI version of their Mossie night fighter, as that was Little Snoring's most common type... Yeah, I know, 'avin' a larf and all that. :icon_lol::d

Thanks for your help!

Ian P.