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December 21st, 2010, 00:16

I have a problem with my FSX config. it started when I applied the new config I got from the tweak page, posted in another thread. The new config did a lot of change to the better also, I have almost no stuttering and better frame rates, I also enjoy a fluid sim for the first time.
But it also caused a new problem. Now the textures update very slowly with blurries as a result, when i fly in ORBX country i have to pause the sim to let the textures catch up, this is especially bad if a fly a faster plane, but it still exist even with a slow flyer. If i go back to my old config texture updates are faster but i have much more stuttering.

My question is: What in the config changes how fast the texture updates? And if i look at hardware, is texture updates more dependant on CPU or GPU?

This is a dilemma, i really enjoy the fluid FSX as it is now but i hate the blurries.
Thanks for any help on this matter.

January 16th, 2011, 02:01
Swimeye, the first thing I would do in this situation is adjust the scenery settings in game, go to the scenery tab and (Settings>Customize) and start moving the sliders back to the mid point or lower one at a time then test. The in game settings will adjust FSX.CFG and Scenery.CFG values so there is a good chance you will find the "problem child" that way.

My guess is Level of Detail radius, and or Scenery complexity, but also keep in mind default mesh and texture resolution, there is no use setting the Mesh resolution higher than 10m for default scenery and unless any of your Add on packages specifically state higher 10m is the best avaliable (OrbX I believe has done some higher res but I am not 100% sure on that), and the same for Texture resolution the max value is 30cm anything higher is not going to give any visual improvement and only sucks CPU/GPU cycles.

The very biggest frame killer is thw Water effects, so setting that to a mid value is likely a wise choice.

Good luck with it.

January 16th, 2011, 03:17
Thank you for your suggestions, I will try and see what mesh and LOD can do, I also think my texture res is a bit higher than 30 cm so I will lower that too.