View Full Version : Surcouf - French Submarine Project from SH IV

December 11th, 2010, 06:42
On Colin's suggestion I wanted to share a remarkable ship just released as a mod project for Silent Hunter IV, created by the same master team that is doing the major Japanese Campaign project for IV, this remarkable sub carried 2 8" guns and a seaplane for spotting and searches in a hangar aft the conning tower. She was captured by the Royal Navy and given over to a crew of Free French sailors and officers..and was lost in still unclear circumstances off the coast of South American, it is believed damaged but not sunk in collision with an allied merchant ship but then sunk when mistaken by a German U Boot for a tanker ..in the night. She is a remarkable boat and was quite an achievement considering the mixture of surface and sub surface elements invoked in her design.

I conducted sea trials on her for the builders and she was just certified and released two days ago. They have since released an add on accurate French scope and camoflage for 1944.


Surcouf at Flank Speed on Sea Trials for SH IV


Surcouf showing hull design and cruising characteristics


Main Battery for the Surcouf 8" x 2


Surcouf for SH IV by Keltos, Main Battery by Peabody, original Model and specs from various sources, more updating underway, details from Sub Sim Radio Room Forum