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November 7th, 2010, 18:50
.......like shipyards, docks, stations, etc. Can it be done ??
All I can find is info on capturing ships.........


November 8th, 2010, 17:06
The short answer is yes, BUT... you knew there was going to be a but right. The way to capture stations and large ships for that matter is by using those marines you have been carrying around in a few of your larger ships, like the corvettes. You have to use them as Boarding parties and depending on what you are capping you need a good size crew. You have to use quite a few for a station and there is nothing quick or easy in the process but it can be done for most stations and large ships. I am not so sure about the Shipyards or Military ships/stations I have never tried those but a trading dock, or mining base for example are cappable.

The BUT is I forget the details... it has been a while since I did this, and I would have to look up the whole process or try it again for myself to give you the exact steps, if I recall correctly just come up slowly alongside your target and open the freight menu, select the marines you want to use and click / eject them into space, then I believe it was just a matter of going to the sector map clicking the marines and in the action menu tell it to attack the station.

The boarding process is slow - very slow and it depends on the skills of the marines you send, some are better at fighting and some are better hackers so basically make sure you send enough of each type to cut through the hull and fight the crew and hack the systems, and, and , and.... you can see it is not like pointing you Gauss Canon firing a few shots then demanding a surrender.

A couple of tips I remember, look for boarding pods in the trading stations they can speed things up somewhat, the Marines can space walk over but they are slow, the boarding pod is faster and I think they also help with cutting through the hull. Get close before you launch, if you launch from 20 klicks out it will take forever for the marines to get there so think in terms of 100 - 200 meters for a launch, even using pods I still used to get in real close it also helps cut down on losses from stray laser shots.

The skills of the marines can be seen in the freight menu or the property menu I forget which but just look around and you will find it, they list the skill and a number of stars for each, you can also send the boys to training camps at military or pirate stations but I don't recall just which or how that was done at the moment. The other important safety tip is don't forget your boys are out there - been there done that and the troops were not impressed! It can take an hour or more to board and cap a station so hang around the sector and find something to do, and keep an eye on the message board to wait for the reports from the troops.

I have not been at X3 for the past couple of weeks but I am feeling the need so I will try this again soon and see what I left out of the process. You might want to fire up the Aldren missions from Terran Conflict, that is where they started the whole Marine Boarding thing and they give instrustions during those missions, they are a bit cryptic, but understandable if you have played the game enough.

I would go for a Solar Power Plant or a Cahona Bakery first, they are probably the easiest marks to start with.

November 8th, 2010, 18:27
Thanks for the info.....!!