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October 24th, 2010, 00:30
My brother in law called me a month or two back and said that his system was down...this being the system that he uses for his commercial plumbing business doing bids, contracts, price lists, payroll...a very important tool! I went over and the system would not power on. He had already bought a new power supply thinking the power supply was dead as even the PS fans would not fire up. I installed the new PS...and still nothing. So, got on Newegg.com and ordered a new MOBO...and MSI one.

He finally has this week end free so I went over to put the new MOBO in and rebuild his system. All went well until I went to plug in the built in media card reader. The reader's connector is a single row connector with 5 "holes"...one being closed off. On the original MOBO (this being an E-Machine built by Dell..more on that later) there was a connector where the reader plugged into....not on the new MOBO...only open connectors are double row connectors. Is there any way that this reader can be used with the new MOBO or will it have to be replaced with one with a USB style connector.

Now on the original MOBO...Once I got it out of the box and all the stuff off it (CPU and its heatsink and cooling far, memory and what not) I was able to give the MOBO a good looking over and found 3 capacitors that were popped. This system is only 2 and half to 3 years old...right in that period of time when Dell was using bad capacitors. The funny thing here...well not funny at all....my sis in law's system....same kind, same exact E-Machine bought at the same time, recently lost all sound. I spent an hour this evening trying to get the sound to work...and all tests showed that the drivers were working but that there was no audio board in the system...it has the on-board audio. Tomorrow I will crack the case on that system to see if it too has a blown capacitor or three.


Oh, I know it would be easier to answer my question on using the reader with the new MOBO....I had the info on it written on a post it note....can't find where I stuck it.

October 25th, 2010, 10:17
Problem solved. When I opened up my sis-in-law's system, I saw that the media card reader was plugged into one side of a USB header. Hooked the card reader in my BIL's system up to one side of the open USB header and it works perfectly.


October 26th, 2010, 11:50
Sorry Obio been real busy lately and I just saw this one.

seems like you have it fixed but here is a page explaining how it works. Its important that the pins are connected correctly and not reversed.

If you had it reversed it should not work so you must have it hooked up right but for future reference