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October 13th, 2010, 20:08
Yes I know film camera's are all but dead however have a couple of good ones I would like to boost off to a desiring home.

The first one is a Nikon FE SLR

It has two lenses. DeJUR MC Auto Zoom 72 mm wide angle and Kiron 55 mm (80 - 200) mm Macro

One 1.5x converter by Kiron Match Mate MC

Each lense has a filter on it. The DeJUR has a Tiffen Professional Sky 1-A filter and the Kiron lense has a Hoya Skylight 1B filter. You can't see it in the picture but behind the 55mm lens there is a hood for each lense. The one is marked Tiffen the other has no name on it.

The Flash unit is a Alfon 580/MD Thyristor

Some of the manuals are included. There is no case. It was badly falling apart so I threw it away. It was made of Pleather.

For this camera I would like to see some thing over $125.00 US. Shipping to be paid by the buyer. I will ship internationally for SOH members.

I have had this camera for over 10 years and it worked well but since I don't shoot film anymore I don't need it and I don't plan on getting rid of my Minolta so I only need one film camera.


The other camera is a Medium film format antique which I have never used.

It was my Uncles. It was given to me 5 years ago by my Aunt to sell for her and I have never gotten the value I believed it was worth.

Based on the serial number I believe it is a Rolleiflex 3.5 A Automat Rolleiflex Model 4 Rolleiflex MX (type 1) Syncro-Compur DBP DBGM


I believe it was made in 1951


It comes with a host of paper work, lenses, case, carrying bag and a light meter. If you want specifics on the lenses PM me.

This camera is in excellent shape and should shoot film just fine.

The lenses are clear and do not appear to have any fungus growing in them.

It has a sticker in the camera that is dated for 1975. I would believe this was the last time it was serviced.

I would like to see $500.00 US for this camera.


I would prefer a payment by paypal but will accept cash. In the event you really want to use a check I will need to deposit it and wait for it to clear before I ship the merchandise.

Anyone who is interested can PM me for the pay pal email address.