View Full Version : visual anomalies; zbias? how do I fix this...

September 1st, 2010, 10:42
Greetings all
As you can see I have made some figures to ride in my CFS2 modification of the FS9 stock Bell.
The figures are made in Gmax, exported as aircraft mdl, the BGLC assemblers are then compiled into raw bgl format which is then decompiled into a scasm assemblers and finally compiled in scasm as a scenery object library, they are then loaded onto the chopper via the CFS2 damage profile just as if they were bomb racks.17344
From certain angles the figures show through the canopy rather than behind
and viewed in full screen mode they sometimes upset the zbuffer in the aircraft model itself.17347
The figures are animated with tick18 so they move heads arms etc
because of this and to avoid gaps appearing there are many polys overlapping.I expect to see some flickering along these edges.
The Bell model also has polys over lapping, were the edges of the seat base poke out through the skin. It is in these areas that the presence of my models cause disruption to the zbuffer.
Curiously this effect is inconsistant; and forcing the sim to reload the model usually sorts it out for a while.
I notice whilst poking around inside the bell model code that there are Zbias( 1 ) Zbias( 0 ) surrounding 54 DrawTriList routines.
But the code for my models contain none.
Has the problem I see got anything to do with ZBias?
if so, is there something in gmax I need to do to control Zbias?
Any thoughts..