View Full Version : To build or not to build - that is the question

July 5th, 2010, 20:47
I need a new PC, but I'm not sure whether to build it myself. Most of the quotations I have from system builders here seem rather extortionate, so I'm thinking of doing it myself. Historically, I've updated some of my earlier PCs with extra hard drives and sound cards, and I've upgraded the memory on both my current PCs; even wrote a driver for something way back when. But I've never built a complete PC and not used any "modern" components, so I'd like to ask a few questions.

First, given that my system will have 6 hard drives and at least one optical drive, when I buy all the drives, motherboard, PSU and case, will I have to buy any interconnecting cables or will all those come with the various components ? I'm thinking both data and power cables here, and I'll probably be going for a Cooler Master case and PSU (HAF 922 and M850 or M700).

Second, and last for the moment, please can someone explain to me just what all those wierd codes mean when reading a memory specification. For example, I was trying to decipher this yesterday = PC3-14400C9 1866 MHz triple channel. I know that part is the frequency in MHz, but the frequency of what, given that there are various frequencies and multipliers around the different parts of the chipset. Then there's that x-x-x-x and CAS. I know these are related to the data shown by CPU-Z, but how do these relate to the memory I need for a specific combination of CPU and motherboard ?

Thanks in advance,