View Full Version : I cannot install Thetford's Choctaw NOLF

June 30th, 2010, 02:54
I would be grateful if someone would tell me what I am doing wrong. I have downloaded and unzipped the four files required for this scenery add on into a folder on my desktop. I have then started FSX, in Settings gone to Add-On scenery and copied the files into the window (Choctaw1).

When I click on OK I see the Scenery.CFG error message (Choctaw2). I click on OK in the error message and see the building database message. I then close FSX and restart it, the Scenery.CFG error message re-appears.

In Thetford's instructions he says to copy a file KNFJ_..._ALT.BGL into World Scenery. I have done this and found a large grey-green obstruction on the runway. I have deleted this and now have an unobstructed runway, (he says the reason for the .BGL file is to fix the airport altitude). It does not seem to work for me.

His instructions say "Activate the folders.." but I am not sure how I do this. I have the folder in Add On Scenery but nothing shows when I start FSX with KNFJ loaded.

I have found instructions on the Simviation web site on how to install scenery into 2002; I tried to follow these but stil have the problem. I have tried to PM Thetford but he has probably not had time to look at his PC.

Can anyone please tell me a) how to remove the error message and b) install the scenery?

Thank you,


April 28th, 2011, 17:38

I know it's been awhile but I just now saw this post. Did you ever get this figured out? I may have already replied to your PM before and forgot about it. It's been a busy year with not much time for FSX. Anyway if you still need help PM me again and I'll try to help you. Sorry for the long delay responding.

Brandon Thetford

April 29th, 2011, 11:45
Dear Brandon,

Thanks for the reply, I have moved on and now use the FCLP (Field Carrier Landing Practice) scenery produced by FSX Navy Pilot which is a set of training flights based on NAS El Centro and NOLF Coupeville.

The whole file is very good, the El Centro flights consist of a series of hoops which, if you fly right, show a carrier circuit and brings you back to the runway which is marked out like a carrier deck. It also includes a fresnel lens light system so the flight is very useful.

Thank you for your interest and kindness,