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May 2nd, 2010, 16:27
OK, finaly. Got a new computer that can do a decent job on X3.... 8800 GT card and dual core, mega memory and 3GB RAM..so

where do i start? i got the X3 gold edition. Should i start with Terran Conflict? and what mods do you all suggest? cockpits, and general as i recall, i asked about things about six months ago, but life and work got in the way and my older rig i decided would never do this justice.

So if anyone has time, to toss me a few hints. I tried Reunion three years go but never got really comfortable enough with the controls to do much, and i did not have a joy stick at the time.

now i do and a better set up... so, hints are very welcome :)

PS OK , i got the cockpit mod and Roguey's mod, and am studying the Beginners guide up at tope of this page :)

sure looks beaitufl, those cockpits some of them are just fantastic. Leaves Freespace and other older series ...wing commander, etc. in the dust visually.

May 2nd, 2010, 17:03
A lot (most) say that you should start with the first version so you know all the secrets of history in X3.

For me, going right to X3 Terran Conflict was the route to go. My reason was time. I dont game alot so playing half an hour to an hour every few days is the most I can invest while others really get into these and learning all they can about everything in the game.

X3TC has a lot of advancements in screen controls, shortcuts, and cool effects and design work in the ships and station models. With the first version of X3, its more of a story line and gets you pulled into the values and all that the game is all designed around so you realise what is going on, (the war cause, why, who and what, etc... ).

With X3TC, you can just get in and fly, but dang, there are so many directions.. Mercinary fighter pilot, Terran forces AF pilot, merchant man, merchant fleet owner, great trader, station owner, empire owner, etc, etc, etc, etc... Just too many things to list and sooo many add ons..

Oh, check the above sticky on beginning for nube's..

Have fun...!

May 2nd, 2010, 17:32
Dam :angryfir: I just hit the wrong button and blew away my reply...:banghead:

OK lets start again...

I would recommend starting with Reunion, it was the first of the two, and I suspect if you start with Terran Conflict (TC) you will never go back and like Reunion, but thats just my humble opinion.

For Mods, after the Cockpit modes which I think are essential, I really like the Xtended Mode for Reunion - which BTW was fan created and became the basis for Terran Conflict. Ergosoft supported these guys in creating the mod and then enhanced it to create TC - giving the creators plenty of credit for the excellent work to.

Xtended is available here - http://www.thexuniverse.com/content/117-The-X-Tended-Mod

There are some excellent other small mods and additional ships on the Apricot Mapping Service Page here - http://apricotmappingservice.com/

This guy has downloads for both Reunion and TC, and his AMS mod for TC is a full remake which is my favorite for Terran Conflict.

Make sure you check out the earlier threads in this section there are plenty of threads on Mods, adding ships, and guides.

There is a great page ont eh ERgosoft Forum as well which lists a huge selection of add on's, guides, and general resources for all versions of the X series in this post


Hope this helps, and best of luck, we will look forward to seeing you in the 12 step program for XAddicts soon...lol

May 3rd, 2010, 06:13
I'd like to welcome th new addict too..... Cris, life will never be the same for you when you get involed with this sim. Addicted you will be. :d

Read the PDF manuals in the installed Reunion and TC game folders on your HDD. Lots of info to learn and very large to print out. It sucks they were't included in a book manual but now I can understand why. BIG! ;)

May 4th, 2010, 21:06
thanks guys, sorry for slow reply was filling out paper work for several days.. :) this will be much more fun to go to space.

OK, will follow that suggestion about Reunion, i do remember a bit vaguely but i first looked at it way back, i think it was 2006 or 7, foggy now....and i really did not do more than take one trip and visit one station so i am really a noob. I will get that mod recomended for Reunion and will read up ...

do the cockpit mods work in Reunion as well as in TC? i hope so, they look awesome.

thanks again for the help. :)

BTW I see that the 2.6 TC patch is out, and involves Steam. Is there any way to use and play that patch without Steam? i will never never never use STeam for anything other than running a train. So i hope there will be a user friendly update that will not allow the dark lords of Steam access to my computer. Just wondered. :)

May 5th, 2010, 01:20

The cockpit mods work in both versions, and yes you can get the 2.6 patch for the DVD version of the game, here are the links for both.

2.6 Patch download page - http://www.egosoft.com/download/x3tc/patches_en.php
Cockpit Mods - http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=254635

Best of luck, - Live Long and Prosper...

May 5th, 2010, 04:40
Cris, some of us are running the Apricot Mapping Service Gunbus Mod. Some cool ships that you will own right from the start to do with as you please..... 18 in total plus the one you start with. Big and small, fast and slow.

Here's the link for AMS HQ.... http://apricotmappingservice.com/
AMS downloads..... http://apricotmappingservice.com/X3TCdownloads/
And the Apricot forums..... http://apricotmappingservice.com/X3forum/index.php

Don't get me wrong, as I'm partial to this mod, but there are others that are just as good and you might enjoy more. With this mod I play as a mercenary and have made beaucoup credits. Others are making even more credits doing other things and with other mods. The choice is yours on how you want to shape your addiction. And addicited you will be. ;) Live long and prosper... so say we all. :salute:

May 10th, 2010, 04:59
OK, will follow that suggestion about Reunion, i do remember a bit vaguely but i first looked at it way back, i think it was 2006 or 7, foggy now....and i really did not do more than take one trip and visit one station so i am really a noob. I will get that mod recomended for Reunion and will read up ...

This thread got me thinking and I decided to go back and take another shot at Reunion, it was pretty much like I said earlier I started the basic vanilla version and lost interest after my second jump, Terran Conflict ruined the Vanilla Reunion for me. However I did remember I had been telling everyone about the Xtended Mod which I liked and was the basis for Terran Conflict, so I dug it out. Now we are talking fun, I had forgotten how much fun that mod was. I am having a blast... The effects these guys put into the mod are visually amazing, if you want an excellent experience, I highly recommend this one - once again...

May 10th, 2010, 08:38
Thanks Mike. I may have to just restart my entire world of X3. Totally new. I might go that route..


May 10th, 2010, 16:58
Very well worth it Bill, I am having a ball, I love the effects in Xtended, and I added some ships with Cycrows ship installer, the F14 is avery cool model, I'll try to post a few screen shots as soon as I can get my photo converters loaded again.

May 16th, 2010, 18:17
Cris, I just happened to run into these YouTube videos on TC tonight. This link is a X3: TC tutorial..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtzUtCWfkKU&feature=related

Many more there too to help you out too. Some are mods tho but you'll get the idea on gameplay real quick. Use full screen and 480 for a better view.

May 17th, 2010, 15:53
thank you very much,
i have been fora week in a class on making mods and creating things for 3D worlds, just passed the basic level and starting on the next phase but i am going to load up Reunon tonight, and will check that out thank you

and this mod:

Xtended Mod which I liked and was the basis for Terran Conflict, so I dug it out.

i will be sure to load that up

I was a bit overwhelmed the first time i tried X3 and this time i hope to be able to understand and learn ...

May 17th, 2010, 16:52
Take your time CrisGer, I found the same thing myself, the first time I tried it the game was quite emmence and I couldn't get into it right away. I found that when I started out the second time as a "Humble Trader", and just took my time exploring while I mastered the controls and keys, it was quite enjoyable, the learning curve is still steep but it was great fun just touring around and making some credits while learing the finer points.

May 17th, 2010, 17:55
ok i see with the new plug in manager we dont need emp any more. good.

ok i got the cockpit mod..i i see make a mods folder

says put the cockpit mod files into the mods folder..do i need to activate them somehow?

what is a fake patch?

May 20th, 2010, 01:21
A fake patch is simply a different way to install a mod, instead of using the Mod folder and selecyting it on the start screen, you rename two files and make the game think the mod is actually a patch for the game. I can post details on how to do this if you need to know.

January 11th, 2011, 22:00
Hi Guys, well better late than never.. i am back. had to go thru several operations for this human form that i occupy and hopefully will be walking again this month or next....but it took a long time to deal with.

About to load up again , gathered in the mods again, and about to launch agian>>......with your help it will be successful and happy i do hope.

I will do X3R first and then TC.....and will use Xtended for X3R

i am sorry to have popped in and then out..but life is like that :)

on with the launch. and thanks again.:salute:

January 13th, 2011, 04:12
Hey Cris....

I have not touch X3 for a long long time...
I was busy doing personal stuff and others....
I may need to cool off and do an X3 on my day off...

Welcome back....
And I hope you'll be able to walk again, run again....
Wish you all the best in 2011, Cris!

January 13th, 2011, 19:00
A fake patch is simply a different way to install a mod, instead of using the Mod folder and selecyting it on the start screen, you rename two files and make the game think the mod is actually a patch for the game. I can post details on how to do this if you need to know.

Could you give us a description on how to do this for possible future reference.
Santa was kind to me at Christmas with some parts that should get my Flight Sim PC up and running again. (It died before Christmas)

Should have it all back together by end of next week.

Time to dust of the Superbox.


January 15th, 2011, 22:31
the mod installer seems to work very well for adding and removing plug ins..but i would be interested also in how that fake patch system works. thanks.:salute:

thanks Chacha, yep , i am hoping for the best...and working on what i can. thanks for the good wishes.

January 16th, 2011, 01:10
Hey guy's glad to see there is still some interest in X3, I still play regularly.

I did write up quite a tutorial on installing fake patches and I think it is in one of the older threads here, I'll take a peak and make sure it is still relevant apost a link give me a minute.

January 16th, 2011, 02:12
OK I can't find the False Patch tutorial, I do have the original screen shots tho so I'll pull it all togethr again and post it later today, stay tuned...

January 16th, 2011, 09:16
the mod installer seems to work very well for adding and removing plug ins..but i would be interested also in how that fake patch system works. thanks.:salute:

thanks Chacha, yep , i am hoping for the best...and working on what i can. thanks for the good wishes.

Most welcome, Cris Ger!

Keep you faith... You can do it!

January 16th, 2011, 11:19
OK folks this is a long one... I was not able to find my original How To Fake Patch post so I rewrote it... It was late last night and early this morning so forgive my spellering and typoering mistooks...

Adding Mods to X3TC as "Fake Patches"

There are 2 ways to add mods to X3, 1) is to place the mod files in the "MODS" folder which is inside the main X3 folder, and select them from a list when you open the game launcher. That is a very simple method but it limits you to a single mod (I use it to test a mod to see if I like it, and if I do I then use the Fake Patch method to install permanently). Here are the basic steps to install into the Mod folder and use the Game Launcher to install a mod.

Once you have downloaded the Mod you want and extracted it to a temp folder you should have at least 2 files (there may be instructions and screen shots but the Mod is really only two files). The Mod files will be "Name.CAT and Name.DAT" simply copy these two files into the Mods folder - if you are using a fresh install this folder may not be present if not just create it inside your Main X3 or X3 Terran Conflict folder. Here is the path I use - "S:\EGOSOFT-Moded\X3 Terran Conflict\mods", Once the files are there start X3 and on the main menu the "Select Mod Package" button will be active, click it and the name of the mod will appear in a list box just highlight it and click OK then the Mod will remain activated until you click the button again and unselect it or select another.

The second is the "Fake Patch" method, this is the method I use when I have tested a Mod and decide I want to keep it running, some caution needs to be used as there are potential conflicts with various mods. If you have a problem mod it is simple to remove a "Fake Patch" simply by deleting 2 files so no harm done. The basic steps start the same, however I will leave them here so this can stand alone as a complete cheat sheet.

You first of course need to download the Mod and save it on your system, I usually create a temp folder on the desktop and use that for the basic work.
Once you have the mod saved to your temp folder, it generally needs to be "Extracted" - Windows XP and Vista can do this for Zip files, if the file has something besides a .zip extension you will need a different utility, (I like 7Zip, if you need this let me know and I can point you to a place to get and install it). If the file is a .zip skip to the next step, if not stop here and get a utility to extract the file.
Regardless of the program you are going to use to extract the mod files the easiest way I know is to select the file then "Right Click" on the context menu there will be an "Extract" or "Uncompress" option, if you use XP/Vista, if you use something like 7Zip the name 7Zip will be on that menu, select whichever is there and extract the files to the current location - With 7Zip when you select it you will see a new menu offering several options, select "Extract Files Here", other programs like WinZip and WinRar are pretty much the same.
You should now see the mod files in the temp folder alone with the original zip file. There should always be at least 2, a .CAT and a .DAT (sometimes there will be a Readme.txt, up to you but I do read these)
What we have to do now is find out what version of the game you have and add the mod as if it were the next game patch from the publisher.
OK the tricky part of the installation, (NOT) you need to find the main X3 Terran Conflict Folder. The simple way to do this is to use the Desktop shortcut, simply point to it with your mouse and right click (can you tell I like the "Right Click function...lol), and select the "Properties" button. When the Properties dialogue appears there will be a button on the lower left either "Find Target" for Win XP or "Open File Location" for Vista/Win 7, click the button!, This will open Windows Explorer and take you to the main X3 Terran Conflict Folder (there are lots of way to do this, I just find this method is quick and easy).
Now with the Explorer window open, you should see the folder list on the left and the X3 TC folder should be highlighted and open - if it is not expanded, click the plus sign beside the folder to expand it. In the right pane you will see all the files in the main folder. Look at these files you will see a series of files numbered 01.cat and 01.dat, right up to 09.cat and 09.dat if you are at ver 2.5 and I believe Ver 3.0 puts the number at 11 or 12. If you have not installed the latest update it would be good to do that first but it is not required. Just keep in mind if you add a published update later on that is signed you need to rename any and all "Fake Patches BEFORE you install the publishers update, that's why I recommend doing it first, no "OH $hit" moments later when you have a "Brain Fart" like I often do...
OK this time we are installing the mod files in the main directory, so if we see the game patches are up to date and the 09.cat, and 09.dat are the highest numbered we just go back to the temp folder on our desktop, and you guessed it, rename the 2 mod files from what ever they are called to 10.cat and 10.dat (if the cat and dat files stop at 7 or 8 you would use the next number, do not skip from 7 to 50 thinking it will allow you safety to install publisher updates, the game does not seem to like that one little bit!)
Once you have renamed the files, select them both and - you guessed it "Right Click" this time we select "Copy" from the menu. Now you locate the X3 Main folder again and with the folder name highlighted in the left pane list "Right Click" AGAIN, then Paste.
Poof install is COMPLETE!

The only thing to do now is start up the game and test it out, you will need to open save and reopen a game for the cockpits to appear if you are installing the PCO Cockpit Mod, but just select any game from you list and perform the save reload and you will have nice new cockpits for your ships.
Be aware SOME mods are full conversion and will not work with saved games from the vanilla game so you may have to start fresh, there is generally a warning in the Readme and it is also one of the reasons I like to use the Mod folder to test first.

There are of course many way to do this, this is just one way.

Enjoy and watch out for the Pirates, and the Xeon, they get cranky at times...lol

January 21st, 2011, 18:08
great thank you very much for taking the time to do all of that, much appreciated.

I decided to go back to the beginning of the series so i could get the whole story and study the entire series...so i am now the happy owner of Beyond the Frontier, X-Tension (both from the Gold edition, the ORIGNAL Gold), X2 The Threat, (which actually had cockpits and allowed you to actually fly into and around inside the stations), X3 Reunion and X3 Terran Conflict 3.0. Gonna be a long slog to get thru them all, i know and i have assembled a gazillion scripts and tools, and dug into the past and found Commander Jamieson's Space Station (and tracked down the Commander hisself in the wilds of Australia).... and am learning about the many and various details of it all... but all the great posts here launched me into the starry void and brought my collection of X Universe games out of the mothball fleet.

There are even some "lost" stations in X2 that were not officially used ..you have to find them but i hear they are fully modeled.....so there is fun ahead.

Ya, i hear about those Xenon, was just studying a "how to capture" Xenon tutorial...that is gonna time a lot of learning.

so thanks again for the how to for the fake patches that will help a lot.

April 30th, 2013, 12:06
OK life has brought me back again..hope some of us are still playing the X Universe games i see there is a new one out! this will be fun. As soon as i finish a work project for real work..i will dive back in here.
thanks so much for the help on entry from everyone and hope all are well and doing fine.