View Full Version : Win 7 64 bit finally (from XP 32)

March 29th, 2010, 13:26
Finally got a new HD and installed win 7 on it. All other hardware remained the same. This is still the same computer txnetcop speced for me a couple of Xmas's ago. (that being because my old one died on xmas day!)

Anywho reinstalling FSX, SP1, SP2 everything works like a champ. Found 64 bit drivers for everything and everything I can throw at it is smooth as silk. FSX never ran better: the difference is noticeable, especially for texture loading. I don't notice it at all now! Not sure if that is 64 bit, or win7, or what... but I'll take it.

Still loading, updating, updating the updates, etc. for all the other software. Ok, not a new toy. But sort of feels like one! :wiggle: