View Full Version : Perfect flight L-1011 problems

February 16th, 2010, 18:20

I just downloaded the Perfect Flight L-1011 Tristar on a special from PC Aviator ( I should have don a little research first and took a pass, oh well). I am having trouble with the install and can't find the Perfect Flight product support.

First of all, I have FSX alone on it's own hard drive, D. The program installed but ther are no textures for the aircraft. Also with the VC feature enabeled, I only get instruments through a transparent instrument panel.

I tried to uninstall the program to try it again but using the uninstall feature with Win7 it (the program) is not listed. Can someone please help me? I would at lest like to know how to uninstall a program when it is not listed in the Win7 program uninstall window.

I am now thinking that this purchase was a mistake.


Chuck B.