View Full Version : Hackers never quit, my website got hacked.

February 10th, 2010, 01:38
Well, aprox 12PM yesterday Jaggyroad Films got hacked. It appears they were using my bandwidth for a phishing scheme. The host turned off the server immediately, and I have been working with them to get all functionality back. They were very helpful in helping me find the issues, locate and remove them. I'll be having my admin go over the website for a quick security check, and I have made some internal changes as well. Amazing how these things happened.... you always think you are secure.

Anyways, the website is back up, if anyone cares. I'm just glad it wasn't worse....

If anyone sees anything fishy, send me an e-mail at cody@jaggyroadfilms.com or cody.bergland@gmail.com. If anyone had any issues while this happened, you have my sincerest apologies.


February 10th, 2010, 01:50
Thats the reason I am always high on security issues, sometimes the members suffer because of my measures but it has to be done to keep them damm skiddies out.

We need to lobby congress to be reall tough on hackers and reporting these attacks, right now most countries have a who gives a crap attitude regurding this issue and everyone turns their other cheek until it hit them.
Wake up world and lets stop this bull crap.
write your congress person and if they dont answer, vote them out.

February 10th, 2010, 02:24
Penalties for hacking should be high. As it stands now, if a hacker is caught he may face little or no real penalty. They should at a minimum be liable for financial losses and all costs associated with bringing them to justice, then serve jail time and make it a felony so it will follow them for life.

Alternatively, hang them by their short 'n curlies, then make up the rest as you go.

February 10th, 2010, 02:25
Sorry to hear that Cody V...This is a out of control issue these days...

February 10th, 2010, 03:49
That sucks. Glad you've got everything back up and running.


February 10th, 2010, 03:53
It's a joke these days explorer is just not safe anymore!

February 10th, 2010, 06:54
Sorry to hear that Cody. My site got hit 2 months ago and didn't know it until my host sent me the report an hr later. Good thing, they're fast on their feet, otherwise I'd have to start from scratch rebuilding the site. Hope you get yours back fully functional in short order.

February 10th, 2010, 08:48
Hi Folks

Cody -
Don't feel too bad.

They're not targetting your site personally,
the bots hit everything they can.

On a good day
our 4 sites get hit by approx 50 hack attempts,
on a bad day it's possibly 100s.

And that's just those my detection logs.

Don't also assume or take your ISP's word that its your fault.
Many ISPs have insecure access.

Our's had repeated attacks
which they repeatedly denied were occuring,
and when they finally acknowledged it
tried blaming it on our passwords.

All hacks were actually from internal to the ISP's systems.

One of our sites was acting as a front-end
for a hard-core porn network.
And I mean really hard-core !

Proved it was root access to all their servers
and supplied list of 500 co-hosted infected sites.


February 10th, 2010, 08:56
Thats horrible BASys. Glad you caught them.


My site was hacked also recently. Its like a house break-in. Really makes you uncomfortable. I agree, we should lobby congress to come down on these evil hackers BIG TIME!

Korean prisons man! Korean prisons......


February 10th, 2010, 13:17
Yes, hackers are a PITA and it takes time and nerves to recover, but see the upsaide: You know your vulnerabilities and you can take measures against that.

February 10th, 2010, 13:45
My site was hacked also recently. Its like a house break-in. Really makes you uncomfortable.

This was the best description. I figured a long time ago that at some point I would get hacked. These things just happen. Now that I FINALLY got hacked, I do feel a little weirded out. I keep checking my server, checking for illegal scripts, etc. It's all rather annoying.

As was said earlier, these rarely are done by individuals, and considering it was a phishing scheme, the more servers/websites they hit the more effective they are. I still say when they find the kiddies that did this junk, they hang them by their toes.

Annoying turds.

February 10th, 2010, 15:07
I hope you find what it was cody, but at least the sites back up.

February 10th, 2010, 19:56
My admin is looking it over so all should be good. Hopefully.

February 11th, 2010, 00:10
Thats horrible BASys. Glad you caught them.
My site was hacked also recently. Its like a house break-in.

I think it is worse than a house break-in. For physical break-ins, you can tell what they had gone through, what had been taken, and you know they had left. If one was prepared, those fellas might even find a double barrel staring at their face when they thought they had gained entry.

In cyberworld, none of the above. :mad:

February 11th, 2010, 02:21
If you write your pages in PHP,
get this http://www.spambotsecurity.com/zbblock_download.php I use it here and it blocks them damm places with a green light to hack.
its free and a friend of mine wrote it. He gives support and has monthly updates

February 11th, 2010, 09:07
Thanks Ickie for the heads up.


February 11th, 2010, 11:56
Not that it matters, but my Admin has rewrote the code script that the bot/hacker was using. Should he, or any bot attempt to utilize the procedure they used to backdoor my website, either through the server or otherwise, it is going to light him up like the 4th of July, from which we can trace the source.

I gotta tell ya, my admin is amazing. Few years of school and he has been able to do some pretty neat stuff. If anyone is looking for a good admin or server guy, let me know. I'm sure he would appreciate the business.

As we continue to investigate, it seems this may have come through the servers itself. My admin is writing up a very professional forensic document to prove this theory. When he is complete, I plan on giving it to the host. I don't like being blamed for stuff we did not do ourselves.

February 11th, 2010, 12:53
He gives support and has monthly updates

Well, almost monthly

Zap :)