View Full Version : Our recent slow down and crash problems.

September 29th, 2008, 12:43
"Ickie and the service company have found our slow down and crash problem at Korean Skies.

This CFS3 expansion used over 400 gigs alone this month so we had to limit the bandwidth for Korean Skies. The file really needs to be removed and made available on a DVD.

Our logs show as many as 20 people downloading this file at a time and it was sucking us dry. Unfortunately this had a snowball effect and caused the threads and posts tables to become corrupt and backups and repairs just kept cycling until the database and site crashed.

This means all our backups are corrupt and useless, bottom line is there is a 90% chance the two tables cannot be restored.

The massive file will be left on the server for two weeks then deleted, this gives the CFS3 people time to setup an DVD exchange program.

This was unavoidable and happened, so don't let people beat us up over it, at times you got to just move on and forget a bad experience.