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January 4th, 2010, 12:47
Ok, below are my specs and I have a MB question. My first stock one burned up so the WinFast 6150K went in and has worked fine. However I wanted more USB ports so took the front assembly with 2 USB and a mic/headphone cluster from my earlier emachines rig and screwed it onto the current one (the new one came without USBs in front). The USBs worked but the mic/headphones are not recognized. They are plugged into the audio connector on the MB as I assumed that was the right place. On closer inspection the colored wires are not arranged the same between the old and the new assemblies. If I could find the old MD this would not be a problem.
My question is how to fix this. The options are take the whole thing to a store and let the geeks do it ($$), try another connector location (IEEE 1394 ?) and risk blowing the thing up, pull wires and reassemble the connector so they look the same and also maybe blow the thing up. Any help would be most welcome.

January 6th, 2010, 14:18
Moved down to the hardware forum...I missed it up in the Other Hobbies forum until today.

I'm thinking that your best bet will be to re-wire that connector to match the pinout of the audio header on your motherboard.
Sounds odd that the expansion module doesn't match up to what is supposed to be a standardized pinout...but if the module came from a factory-built machine (emachines) so it's possible they used a unique pinout on their original motherboard.

DON'T try any of the different header pins on your new motherboard!
IE1394 is a firewire port and connecting that audio-jack panel to it just might fry either the board or your mic/headphones.

January 8th, 2010, 13:01
If eMachines is like the other manufacturers, it's a propritary setup. You might not be able to match it up unless you have the manual for the motherboard. If you can get one do so, tho I'm not sure eMachines will let you have one. And get a manual for this new computer to cross reference each to set it up.

January 10th, 2010, 07:15
There are 2 types of front audio hook ups. One is AC '97 and the other is the newer HD something (going by memory which is iffy). Whatever it's called you may be able to switch the audio output of your mother board to match the connector on your case. Look for an option in your bios.

The other option is, like mentioned to rewire the hook up to match. I know nothing of your current mobo but research a bit and you'll sort it.

Good luck.