View Full Version : Banner Tutorial For SMS St. Georg: Part Two

December 28th, 2009, 18:22
We have just finish the base layer banner, now using it, let's do the Alpha Channel.

Bring up DXTBitmap and send the Alpha Channel to the graphics editor.


Once in your graphics editor, go to your main layered image of the banner you just did. Uncheck both of the text layers for the time being. Highlight any of the other layers and click Merge Visible on the Layers tab.


Now while highlighted, click Image - Adjustments - Desaturate; followed by Image _ Adjustments - Invert.


Now go back and recheck the text layers and then save the layered image as banner_alpha.

On the new Alpha image, click Select - All, then Edit - Copy Merged (important). Highlight the trans.bmp and click Edit - Paste. Click "X" and answer yes when prompted.


Bring up DXTBitmap and click the Reload Alpha button.


In DXTBitmap, click File Save and choose either DXT23 or 888-8 format, then click Save and answer yes when prompted to replace the existing texture.


You now have a new banner. Hooray!

I hope this little tutorial will help some of the novices with working around graphics editors in douing these banners for this wonderful little airplane.


December 30th, 2009, 10:42

I hope you don't mind. I turned your tutorial into an .htm so it can be opened in the browser also.