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December 11th, 2009, 12:08
This question deserves to be found by others looking for the same help so I made it its own thread.

Hey ..... I was going to give the race a shot but I'm a little confused about a couple things.

I read where it is up to the pilot to pick the next stop on the route, what is the best tool to find the best airport to fly into? I tried the Plan-G but didn't see any places to land that seemed as close as the first two practice legs.

Also, I figured I would try out the Duenna program. When I start it it says that the realism settings are not right and the weather settings are not right. I always fly with all the settings full real, but I still went back and checked them and they were like you wanted them, but the programs still reports them as not being set correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

I know it's probably something I'm doing wrong, but I figured I get all the bugs out before I actually try this. God knows I'll be nervous enough on final approach to screw everything up, so I don't need any more problems than I'll make for myself. Thanks

I'm using FSX with Win 7 64-bit. A2A P51. Using FSX weather engine.

All of us have had issues setting up Duenna. The problem is MSFS not Duenna.

First the basics which apply to all approved Simulators.

You need to save your default flight at an airport in your time zone. This helps keep the time accurate in the sim for the race.

The Default flight must contain settings for Real World Weather.

Choice of aircraft is basically unimportant but you might be better choosing a simple plane rather than a system complicated plane.

The realism settings for FSX and FS9 (the Sim-Outhouse way) See attached images.

The thing to check is make sure you click on the little arrow to the right of the slider. It can be at 99% and look like 100% which would make it fail the test.

Auto mixture is OK I just have it turned off.

Weather Settings make sure you have Down load winds Aloft checked and uncheck disable turbulence.

All other sliders for scenery and clouds place them where you can get good frame rates in the Simulator.

OK so now its all set up. Don't start a flight exit FS and start it again. Confirm all the settings. If they did not take change them back shut down and start again.

That should fix the problem.

December 13th, 2009, 07:24
I have set my time to system time,
but when I go to my saved flight
the time is set to the time I saved the flight.
is there a way to fix this?

December 13th, 2009, 07:39
Thats OK

When you start Duenna up there is a button that says sync time.

Once you load your saved flight click the sync time button.

Now your time will be correct.

Also note that if you load a saved flight with Real World Weather it will start up with that saved weather. I don't know if it will imediately start down loading weather or if it will just update it 15 minutes later. You may want to update your weather manually as a precaustion...

Unless the weater you loaded was better than Real World weather current.

Then just get off the ground and let it update in 15 minutes :icon_lol: <-- emoticon means I am joking

It might just be best to update the weather to stay above board and honest.