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October 28th, 2008, 13:19
I was going through my dad's effects after his death and found a couple of film reels. One is a small Agfa, 8mm, but the other one is a bit more interesting. It is a 16mm film on a Bakelite spool on which is stamped Reichsanstalt Fur Film und Bild . Problem is I don't have a movie projector, but by unwinding the film I can read the title as Segelflieger auf den Wasserkuppe (Gliding at the Wasserkuppe).

I have no idea how my dad acquired the film, but he was very briefly stationed in Germany in 1945 while serving in the RAF (ironically while he was recovering from a bout of German Measles :icon_lol:). He may have liberated it during his stay in the former Reich.

A German friend, who served in the Luftwaffe, told me that Luftwaffe pilots learnt to fly gliders as a way round the Treaty of Versailles as power flight was banned. The Wasserkuppe was one of the main sites for this pilot training.

I am looking for somewhere local that will be able to transfer the film onto DVD so I can watch it.

October 28th, 2008, 13:22
Very interesting sandar. Let us know if you get any of the footage transfered.

October 28th, 2008, 13:24
Sounds like a great find.

I think some good photo places like Jessops etc might be able to do cine film to DVD. If not they should know who can.

Ralf Roggeveen
October 30th, 2008, 10:10
EXTREMELY interesting, sandar!

I think you should tell the RAF Museum at Hendon before going anywhere commercial like Jessops. If you donated the original film they would surely give you a DVD copy (or two). There are already some known moving images from there, but it really is significant in aviation history - top museums will be very keen to get such stuff into their archives. :applause::applause::applause:

October 30th, 2008, 11:08
I don't want to use any company picked at random to transfer the film to DVD, which is why it is taking me a long time to find someone to do it.
Jessops would be the last company I would choose as they transfer the film to VHS then transfer to DVD. Quality will suffer and they charge to transfer to VHS then charge again to put it onto DVD.

I admit I hadn't thought about a museum route though. Thanks for the idea Ralf.

November 5th, 2008, 16:24
I have a lot of AGFA film. Memories of my grandfather who was a war correspondent. He was in the Kriegsmarine. The most interresant is anti-ship battle with the FW 200 C CONDOR .

Even more interesting are his movies on war . Regards Anna