View Full Version : Rebuilt Dell XPS 720 now taking bids

August 17th, 2009, 10:38
Available in two weeks:

A rebuilt Dell XPS 720, 4GB of OCZ PC1150 memory, New Intel E6850 3Ghz CPU (box included if so desired), original 750 watt power supply, either a Zotac 8800 GT or an ATI Radeon HD4870, Windows XP Pro, 1 Western Digital 150GB Raptor for gaming and 1 320GB WD hard drive. 1 CD/RW and 1 DVD/RW. The motherboard, cpu, and memory are brand new. There is a three year warranty on the unit that is transferrable (2 years 4months remaining). Excellent original Dell air cooling.

New keyboard and mouse, no monitor. The case is Silver with a black face in immaculate condition. This unit was originally a XPS 710 upgraded by Dell to XPS 720 and new warranty added at the time by wh61 in the forum. This unit sold for over $3000 new, now accepting best offer. Guaranteed to run FSX at reasonable frame rates with eye candy turned on. Also will include the still working original Nvidia 7950 SLI video cards, and the original 590i motherboard but will not sell these separate for additional $100. Make sure your offer covers shipping and insurance costs for your bid amount.

By the way this unit cannot be overclocked with the E6850 you must buy either an X6700 or QX 6700 or QX6850 for overclocking. However the E6850 runs very well on this unit at 3GHz.

Absolutely no bids taken openly, please PM me to make a bid. I will honestly consider all bids and circumstances for your bid amount. I'm a natural born sucker for a sob story if it's real!

September 1st, 2009, 12:38
Withdrawn: SOLD to a happy simmer locally.