View Full Version : Fs2004 Gmax Casa C212-200 finished and uploaded

August 13th, 2009, 05:34
Hi there guys

The model is finished and uploaded at www.flightsim.com, you should just wait for the site to be updated so you can download it!!! Stand by for the 300 version to come with the winglets etc.

The model features the following:

* 9 LOD models.
* Shut down effects with pitot and intake covers.
* Flap animation for landing.
* Flap animation for take-off.
* Two speed propeller texture.
* Night illumination of windows etc.
* Blank or white textures included, no paintkit included.
* Two models but only 1included, one with red rotation beacon anti-collision light and one with white stroboscopic anti-collision lights, the SAAF uses the ones with the white strobes as beacons.

Here is a collage I made showing some of the features of the Casa model

Hope you guys like it and any comments or feedback will be appreciated since this is my first attempt at making a model for FS2004. I dont know if the FDE is par but if you guys like Mike want to look at it and make is better, i sure would love that :P

Enjoy, happy flying, making flightplans etc.

Thanx so much for everyone's help here especially Mr. Shupe, I really appreciate the work you have helped me with!!!!!!


Milton Shupe
August 14th, 2009, 12:26
Hello Morras, :)

Wow! That looks great my friend. :applause:

I am going to go download it now.

Congratulations on completing your first FS9 project.

It's a long row to hoe and you have done it. That is a great accomplishment.