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July 6th, 2009, 18:04
Hi, first off I'd like to say that after recently starting to toy around with CFS2 after a few years away its great to see so many people still keeping it alive... nice to know I'm not the only nut....

I saw Tim Conrads T-28C had been converted for use with CFS2 and after some investigating ccame up with Ivan Hsu's MDLS and mk_mdlc interface, I then read Jaxon's tutorial http://www.michael-reimer.com/CFS2/CFS2_Tips.html and everything seems pretty simple.
I understand that to take a model from FS9 to CFS2 it should be converted to be compatible with FS8 then ran through the converter again to get it down to CFS2, however I can't convert anything from FS8 to CFS2, going from FS9 to FS8 is no problem however when I try to go from FS8 to CFS2 the program asks me to convert from 9 to 8 after telling me I've already been sucessful at doing so. Even FS8 models refuse to convert to CFS2...

Do any of you guys know what I may be doing wrong?

once I get this licked I plan on going over all the early naval jets I can get my hands on if anyone is interested :ernae:


July 6th, 2009, 19:38
You may not be doing anything wrong. Some FS2004 planes simply will not convert to CFS2. If the plane was modeled with FSDS3 and higher, the odds of a successful conversion are pretty slim in my experience.

What version of MDLC do you have? I have had the most conversion success using version 1.90.

When I do a conversion, I have MDLC do everything in steps automatically. I select the MDL file I want to convert, then put check marks in the COnvert to FS2002, Convert to CFS2, Fix animation boxes. Then I take the check mark out of the Hide DOS Window box (about half way down the MDLC interface screen). Then I hit CONVERT at the bottom. Sometime, trying to convert to FS2002, then fix animations, then converting to CFS2 will give you failures, while telling MDLC to do it one right after the other and letting the program do its thing can get you a converted MDL.

Not sure how much you know about the conversion process, but converting the MDL is the EASY part. FS2002 and FS2004 air file and config files generally do not work in CFS2, and even when they do, they don't work fully. YOu will generally have to create a new config and air file for the converted plane, or modify one from a similar type plane. Then you will have to supply the plane with a DP file, regauge the 2D and VC panels as many FS2004 gauges will not work in CFS2.

Also, you need to be very wary of the original makers copyright issues. Some modelers give an open end policy on their models...they allow you to do what ever you want with the model as long as you give them credit for their work and do not try to make money off of it. Others require you to seek their permission before you modify their work. Others clearly state from the get go that NOTHING is to be modified or changed in their planes. Always get permission to modify someone's work, even if they say that permission is not needed...simple courtesy to do so.

You may find that the time you spend converting planes from FS2002 and FS2004 simply is not worth it in the end. Most of the planes for those sims will not be Multi-LOD, and are really not good for use in CFS2, other than as a plane to fly around in. Without being Multi-LOD, converted planes are rarely usable as AI or wing men as they drag your frame rates down to a crawl.