View Full Version : Lighting the burners boy's!! Cat shot Iris RN FG1 in Acceleration

May 9th, 2009, 19:33
Who can help ive got a beutifull the FG 1 RN Phantom, like many others! Got her on the catapult nose up, higher than any other phantom due to good old british engineering ohh.. and short royal navy decks, lol ;) Unfortunately I can't use the acceleration addon of HMS Ark Royal because the frames are terrible on my system I use the default carrier or the clemencau placed at my will anywhere .. yes I'm English and don't ask but i like that ship even if it is French, I just love french kit even there hemets!!!?? for some reason maybe every firefighter in europe would agree, well as long as retreat from flames isn't an issue????? ........ lol

Any way can any body help me or at least guide me to the problem as why i can't light my spey's on the deck ive got full power in the vc but not in the exterior view the powers there but ther light effect for the afterburner isn't there ....the fan's arn't lit!!! Why??? ... I know for a fact they are in real life this pic shows how it should look sorry there's no colour http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b8/F-4K_launch_ArkRoyal_NAN3-
Thanks in advance guys!! will share and fly with any Rhino jockeys from anywhere!!! fly anything anywhere!!!
Regards Pete.