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September 27th, 2008, 14:57

September 27th, 2008, 20:25
I have been lucky buying some used lenses for my old Canon AE-1 35mm film cameras....but then again, I have gotten hold of some lenses that were trash....but given the fact that the camera and lenses are from the late 1970s, it's tough finding new lenses for the camera. While I could buy a new SLR, I won't because I have not found a new SLR 35mm that I like. I like my computer to be computerized, and that is about all that I want computerized. I have to live with my car having a computer for everything, but I refuse to have a computer telling me how to take a picture. If I want a picture to be a bit over exposed, that's how I set my camera up to take the shot. If I want to drop back an F stop or 2 to under expose a picture to give it a dark forboding look, I don't want some microchip "fixing" it for me.


September 27th, 2008, 20:35
yep ya just never know how badly they were abused by the previous owner until you really need to use them. I had bought a used one from Fox Camera that supposedly had a 30 day warranty. It kept fogging up on me in normal atmospheric conditions. When I had it diagnosed Fox would not give me my money back and insisted I caused the damage. I had to go to small claims court to get my money.

September 27th, 2008, 20:36
Ohh! thanks for the advice AOL!
I was planning on buying some used knickers, but not anymore!:costumes:
Seriously though, I hadn't really thought about the whole speaker/mic thing...anyone'll rip you off nowadays.

September 28th, 2008, 04:19
Used Speakers....I got lucky with a set of used floor speakers from our local thrift store. $1.99 for the pair. Can't even begin to pronouce the name of them, or even type it, but the name looks German to me. Can handle up to 500 watts per speaker, solid wood enclosures. 15-inch woofer, 8-inch midrange, 4-inch tweeter, 2 1-inch silver dome piezos in each box. Sound amazing! Coupled with a set of 500 watt per Polk Audio floor speakers (purchased used for $10) and a 500 watt self-powered/amplified subwoofer (also purchased used for $3), the pictures on the living room walls have a hard time staying nice and level when we watch a movie. Pushing the power to the speakers in an older Kenwood A/V reciever pushing 400 watts per channel, quadraphonic with a subwoofer pre-out (given to me by my sister-in-law after my then brother-in-law moved out to find himself and ended up finding himself shacked up with a blonde floozie with 5 kids). The only real expense in my entertainment setup is the Panasonic 5 disc DVD/CD player, which I bought new for $95 (tax and all)...caught it at the right time as they were moving this model out to make room for the new model and had dropped the price 50%.