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April 8th, 2009, 01:24
I decided to do a rebuild and ordered a new processor and MB. Well after installing the new MB,processor all I got from that point on was a blank screen.Everything pointed to the MB. I reinstalled my old MB and used the new processor and all was fine. RMA the MB. Newegg sent me a replacement and reinstalled it. Everything was going fine then crash,bang thank you...the video card bit the dust...lol. To get by I went to BB and brought a BFG 280 series card and ordered a Evga 295 card in the mean time.Installed the BFG card and kept getting sometimes BSOD with the message " nviddmkm stopped responding" blah...blah blah....also sometimes got the message " nviddmkm.sys.".There is loads of threads on this problem but I was getting it on all four OS's.No matter what I did,replace video drivers..ect..ect..I would sometimes get a total crash. Weird thing was sometimes I couldn't even get it to boot unless I formatted and did a full reinstall. I thought maybe it was a program causing this but later found out it wasn't.After replacing the memory,PS, all cables...same thing. In the mean time my new Evga card came in...installed it and it was DOA...LOL. When it rains in pours. RMA that back.I finally ran across a thread that suggested if I under clock my memory this might stop this. So I did and it stopped the BSOD. Chet here I got a top end MB, 8gig of memory, new video card and processor and I gotta under clock this rebuild to get it to work...now this really sucks huh.Newegg informed me 10 days later that the card is now on back order and they would refund my account. This really sucked. A few days later I saw they got the same video card in but it was red with a game for 60 bucks more so I ordered it cus I wanted to see if this new BFG card was causing all the problems. Well last night I installed the card and bigger that dog chet that damn BFG card was the freaking problem all the time...lol.After pulling my hair out, banging my head against the wall, doing many formats and reinstall,out over 2 grand a 300 dollar card was the problem. Ain't playing with pooter grand.Da wife said how come I just didn't order a Dell or something else on line...I felt like opening the upstairs window and dropping her on her head or putting supper glue in her shampoo. She just don't get it...this is a guy thing...moooooooo!

April 8th, 2009, 16:48
Please don't hurt your wife. I have a 5 year old Dell XPS Gen 2......:friday: