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April 2nd, 2009, 02:21
Lewis Hamilton and McLaren have been stripped of their podium finish and all points at the Australian Grand Prix.
The sport's world governing body said they were excluded "for providing evidence deliberately misleading to the stewards at the hearing on 29 March".
A post-race hearing promoted Hamilton from fourth to third after Jarno Trulli was penalised for passing Hamilton while the safety car was out.
Trulli and Toyota have been reinstated to third, and McLaren will not appeal.
The Italian was initially handed a 25-second penalty for the incident which saw him demoted to 12th.
Hamilton was summoned by stewards on Thursday to discuss what the FIA, motorsport's governing body, described as "a new element" of evidence.
It was not clear what the new evidence was, although it was thought to involve pit-to-car radio conversations between the team and driver, with the FIA ruling that there had been a breach of the international sporting code.
The yellow safety flags came out at Melbourne after a collision between Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica in his BMW Sauber.
Trulli slid off the track and was passed by Hamilton but the Toyota driver said he had little choice but to overtake the Briton again.
"When the safety car came out towards the end of the race, Hamilton passed me but soon after he suddenly slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road," said Trulli.
"I thought he had a problem so I overtook him as there was nothing else I could do."
Hamilton had told Speed TV after the race that Trulli went wide onto the grass at the second to last corner.
"I was forced to go by. I slowed down as much as I could. I was told to let him back past, I don't know if that's the regulations, and if it isn't, then I should have really had third," said the Briton.
Toyota had said after the race that they would make a protest but dropped that on Wednesday because they felt it had no chance of succeeding.

This is shaping up to being a very strange season, but hey, I'm really happy that Jarno has been rewarded for a bloody good drive!!!

April 2nd, 2009, 04:52
Dang...Starting the drama early! :icon_lol: - (Stupid moves by Hamilton & McLaren though for trying to "out smart" the FIA...)

(Guess they need to make sure that Jensen gets all the wins & has the most points to validate Bernie's new "winner takes all" points system..)

April 2nd, 2009, 07:50
The 'most wins takes title' concept is already abondoned..

Points is all that matters (Like it bloody well should!); the number of wins only counts if there's a tie in points.

April 2nd, 2009, 10:03
The 'most wins takes title' concept is already abondoned..

Ah....Tks for the update :)

April 3rd, 2009, 17:30
Hey All,

from F1.com news section...

"In Melbourne, I had a great race, said the reigning world champion. As soon as I got out of the car I had the television interviews at the back of the garage, and straight away I gave them a good account of what happened during the race. Straight after that we were requested by the stewards, and while waiting I was instructed and misled by my team manager to withhold information, and that is what I did.

"I sincerely apologise to the stewards for wasting their time. Id like to say sorry to all my fans who have believed in me, and have supported me for years. I am not a liar or a dishonest person. I am a team player. Every time I have been informed to do something I have done it. This time I realize it was a huge mistake. I am learning from it. It has taken a huge toll on me.I lied but I'm not a liar - I'm a team player. Good one but I ain't buyin especially not after how you complained about being in a Mclaren car a couple weeks ago. Not at all sure about this guy's character. Never struck me as the type who was willing to get dirty and now this kind of Krap. Not good for F1 or any kind of racing - is it? Or is it all about publicity and having Hamilton on the podium even if only briefly is considered worth it.


April 4th, 2009, 13:08
My view..:

-Trulli went off the track during a safety car situation, while trying to catch up with the safety car. Hamilton passes Trulli and then asks on the radio if he should let Trulli pass. The team first answers to Lewis that he should stay in position while they check the rules, than tell him to let Trulli pass. Hamilton pulls over and slows to a crawl to let Jarno by. Everything OK so far.

After the race McLaren protests, stating that Trulli passed Hamilton during a yellow flag situation. Both drivers and two members of the team are called to a meet where they are asked about the situation. The result of this conversation is that Trulli gets a 25-second penalty, drops to P12 and Hamilton is promoted to third. Don't know what exactly is said during this meet, but it is quite obvious McLaren did not tell the whole truth, and the stewards did not listen to the radio traffic between the pit and the car.
No doubt McLaren knows that it is not possible to protest against a time penalty, as they were in the same situation with Lewis last season (Belgium I think?)

After the results of the protest are released to the media, Hamilton talks to the press and tells them that he doesn't understand the penalty and that he did pull over to let Trulli pass. Because of these statements the FIA picks up on this affair and listens to the team conversations during the last part of the race. They find that McLaren/Hamilton did not tell the (whole) truth to the stewards and reverse Trulli's penalty. Furthermore they disqualify Lewis from the results of the Australian GP.
McLaren blame sporting director Dave Ryan, who went with Lewis to the meet with the stewards, and suspend him.

The FIA meanwhile considers the actions of McLaren a deliberate attempt to manipulate the results of the race (Which I agree with) and stated the team was in violation of the international sporting code rule 151.C which states:

c) Any fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the
interests of any competition or to the interests of motor
sport generally.

http://www.fia.com/sport/Regulations/sportcoderegs.html (http://www.fia.com/sport/Regulations/sportcoderegs.html)

This same rules cost them all of their 2007 points and a $100 million dollar fine.. Will be continued, as the FIA could take this case to the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC).

For the full FIA statement and the entire conversation between McLaren and Hamilton, see here: http://www.fia.com/en-GB/mediacentre/pressreleases/f1releases/2009/Pages/f1_stewards_decision.aspx

April 4th, 2009, 19:14
"This same rules cost them all of their 2007 points and a $100 million dollar fine.. Will be continued, as the FIA could take this case to the World Motor Sport Council"

And some people wonder why F1 is looked upon by real enthusiasts and old farts as a ship of fools!!!!!

April 5th, 2009, 00:44
Old Bernie has to make that divorce money back some how.

April 7th, 2009, 16:56
Hey All,


Looks like McLaren is gonna be in some real trouble. Should probably sack Hamilton too - or at least have him watch races for awhile. That's what NASCAR would likely do.


PS Reminds me a lot of why I quit watching F1 at one time - after seeing a car pull over and stop so a teammate could win.

PSS Some discussion boards I've just been looking at suggest Hamilton will get no punishment for lying as according to the story he was "procured" (WTF) by Ryan. If Hamilton gets no punishment out of this at all then I will likely walk away from F1 wishing Toyota well in a rigged game. The fundamental principle around lying vs telling the truth matters more than any money Hamilton could bring to F1. If it doesn't F1 isn't worth the time of an honest person. I'll be watching this closely.

April 7th, 2009, 17:56
This is going to sound really weird but........I think a lot of this could have been avoided if Ron Dennis was still around...:kilroy:

April 7th, 2009, 18:14
Erm, wasn't Ron around when McLaren got whacked with the biggest fine in the history of sport?

Someone really has a knife in for the Woking team, this is all nonsense and would've shaken out if the stewards had done a thorough job in the first place. (and I'm not a particular McLaren fan.)

April 7th, 2009, 19:00
Erm, wasn't Ron around when McLaren got whacked with the biggest fine in the history of sport?

Yep he sure was - but this incident doesn't have the same feel as the last one...:rapture:

April 8th, 2009, 21:03
Yep he sure was - but this incident doesn't have the same feel as the last one...:rapture:

Ed, good old Ron was indeed 'around', he appeared to be well ensconced in the MacDonald's garage for at least two days that I noticed ......:karate: