View Full Version : FSDS2 Animation Issue

March 31st, 2009, 08:56
I'm having a strange problem with a stock animation in FSDS2. This involves the elevators of the model 'over-rotating' to the tune of about 130 degrees plus and minus from neutral. I've never seen this happen before and cannot find anything that I have done differently from my previous projects with regard to the elevators. Any suggestions appreciated.:help:

Milton Shupe
March 31st, 2009, 10:03
Can't help on the FSDS side but ensure that these parameters are correct in teh aircraft.cfg Geometry section:

elevator_up_limit = 33
elevator_down_limit = 25

March 31st, 2009, 11:32
Thanks, Milt. You helped me solve it. :wavey:

I was looking for a problem in the source file, when it turned-out to be in the AIR file. I was testing a new one.

It's always the simple stuff.....and I couldn't see the forest for the trees. :faint: