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October 11th, 2008, 08:50
Took these a few minutes ago at one of our little local airports. It's one of those local grass airstrips tucked into a community that's constantly threatened with closure.

Last year a local business man decided to have an annual event where they invite pilots to fly-in and get a little bite to eat. No charge to anyone except a $1 to park. Last year there were about 20 aircraft. This year there were about 30 when I left.

Normally you'd never see an aircraft at this airport unless one of the folks that live around the perimeter leaves theirs outside in their frontyard.

Most of the aircraft are locals. The one pic is one of the homes with the hanger tucked in the woods. What a way to live! :)

October 11th, 2008, 09:39
cool..i like that maule...i hope this lil airport doesnt get closed...shame all these lil airports are allways being encroched on and then closed...to bad they cant be grandfathered.

it seems the auburn cal airport is allways under threat....its been there for many years..not sure when it was buil;t..but i do know NOTHING was out there then and they were building nothing but commercail around it just for the airports future...somehow a local politition got permission to build a old folks retirement home at the end of the runway..its just off to the right,then they put in a huge trailer park driectly at the end...about a 1/4 off the end...so those people all complained about the noise...and safty of the retirement home...so they compromized and set up a left turn on take off...that now put the planes making a left turn over the hospital and a large condominum complex.....they worked that all out...but people are allways complaining....

then three years ago...there was an "airfair" not airshow...they wont insure the airport for airshows..no aerobatics and they cant evenuse the word airshow..has to be airfair or celebration.....anyway...some guy who had just moved into the area ONE week before that gathering..complained loudly for weeks afterwards..wanted the airport CLOSED because the aircraft "offended" him...he had moved to auburn for piece and quite of the foothills....not the bustle of the SF bay area...several of us reminded him that we were born here and he moved into our homes..he was a new "guest" to our home..and didnt apprieate him tryin to change things for his selfish reasons.....the guy moved ....lol

ack...im rambling....those were some great piccs....lol

October 11th, 2008, 09:51
Never thought about the term "airshow" like that. But thinking about it, this is never called or talked about as an airshow. It's billed as "Aviation Day".

The Maule Amphib belongs to a local who lives out on one of the barrier islands south of here. That's one I see in the air quite a bit around here.

October 11th, 2008, 09:54
daveroo you are dead-on right! i have seen the same thing happening to cecil county dragway for decades now. :banghead: