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March 13th, 2009, 06:25
Mission Briefing: FIREFOX
Date: 3/15/09
Allied Aircraft: P-51D Spitfire MK IX
Axis Aircraft: Me-262
Fuel Load: Pilots discretion

It has been reported that a downed Allied pilot has stolen
one of the new German Jet Fighters from the base at Asch [STOP]

He is believed to be approaching the East Coast of England
in the area of Brooklands with hostiles in pursuit [STOP]
Allied pilots must scramble from Hawkinge, Brooklands, and Biggin Hill [STOP]
Assist the stolen Me 262 [STOP]

Tags will be allowed for identification purposes [STOP]
Daylight Mission
Respawn after 5 minutes to launch base for Allies
Respawn to any coastal base for Axis

Weather Forecast:
Layer I: Cirrocumulus Base 15,748' Coverage Scattered 3/8
Layer II: Cirrus Base 26,000' Coverage Few 2/8

Date : Sunday 3/15/09
Time: 1100 hrs EDT
Meet: TS: aacserver.thruhere.net:8767

March 13th, 2009, 07:25
My favorite way to intercept a Me262; steal it from its hardstand!:rapture: