View Full Version : Kyle Busch in Nationwide at Charlotte!

October 11th, 2008, 02:56
I sure wish young Mr. Busch would be given a car like he had last night, tonight!

It ended in perfect sync just after that great BoSox - Rays game, what a pitching performance (saved those BBs) for Dice-K.

But I stayed with the rain-outs and watched all of the Baseball game (saw bits of the Phillies - Bums too, but was busy and couldn't sit and see all: Go Phillies, beat 'dos Bums). :d:ernae:

Mr. Burton drove a good race too, but he had no answer for Kyle last night.

Let's wait and see how the Goodyears roll tonight. I am beginning to wonder if the flaw is Goodyear tires or the COT? They never have these issues iin the Nationwide series.:banghead: