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November 16th, 2019, 23:15
The detail of the cities in this new video is amazing. :dizzy:


November 17th, 2019, 01:44
Wow! Did you see the road traffic? Something about it just looks so realistic, individual vehicles turning off, random density.

November 17th, 2019, 07:41
The same video has been discussed a bit here as well: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/117488-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-9-Beautiful-Cities-in-4K60-X01

As I mentioned in the other thread, look at the section with the Robin landing at the Southampton Airport (in particular from 10:19 to 10:24, at highest resolution), and notice just how fine the detail is in the ground and building textures (including individual plants in the gardens, the detail in the roads, driveways and yards, on the surfaces of the buildings, etc.), every individual detail accurate to life of course, and note too just how much of it is modeled in 3D besides, including all of the outbuildings/sheds, parked cars, foliage/trees of all different and true-to-life forms and sizes, etc. Its been said that there are over 400 cities that have been done to this high level by using photogrammetry and aerial imagery (which is said to have a resolution of 5cm per pixel). As confirmed in the recent developer interview with Jorg Neumann, Bing is continuing to build more of these photogrammetry cities, and with the structure of this new sim, Microsoft will continue to update the sim as more of these photogrammetry cities are made and Bing data is updated, which will of course just automatically take over/be loaded the next time you go to use the sim on the online server.

Although not to the same level of detail, outside of those cities it has also been shown and described that this level of accuracy is provided all over the world by using Azure AI to generate every single building (1.5 billion) and every single tree (1.5 trillion) all over the planet, based on the Bing satellite imagery data (which is said to have a resolution of 30cm per pixel). A number of the vloggers that got the early hands-on look at the sim back in September all mentioned that they were able to take off from their local airports and follow the streets right to their houses, and there their house was, and all of their neighbor's houses, modeled accurately with the right designs and colors.

November 18th, 2019, 06:31
Just saw PC Gamer magazine with fs2020 on the cover. Good article about it and how exciting it is to fly over almost any.part of the world. One thing we most probably can count on, this will stir up plenty of interest for flight dimming from the gamer community.