View Full Version : FSX out of Memory CTD

January 7th, 2019, 10:53
Dear Community

As long term simmer- with quite an experience- I have a sudden technical problemand ask for your help + suggestions

we had a winter caused power crash 2 days a go and since that I get upon loading my default flight ( Alabeo 421 Golden Eagle from ORBX KSBA with heavy (Planes not frequency ) out of memory crashes

It would load till 91 % ish( max 97% ) then when boat and air traffic is loaded CTD

I have Nvidia GTX1080 Card

In best case - after - turning settings down-->move to default KSFO-->low Polygon plane I can start to fly with texture mistakes ( see below, VC even refuses to allow me to take a screenshot- is untextured grey and all window views black )-->I can start to fly , move torwards South- mid of bay CTD or upon trying to change the plane CTD

settings down
Graphics driver new -->417.35
Nvidiainspector-->set to FSX
deactivate KHAF/KSBA/KSAN/KMRY ORBX Airports
move to DX10-->DX9-->DX10 with DX10 controller
New uiautomationcore.dll 7.0-->which one to use ?
Go to elder FSX.cfg
Texture resolution down to 1024


Any good ideas?

Thank you


April 6th, 2019, 20:42
It's possible your disk had some partial corruption when the power crashed, and you lost some texture directories?

Not knowing your system at all, best I can suggest is to uninstall and reinstall your Orbx stuff.
Or, worst case, remove FSX altogether and reinstall it... O_O