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September 20th, 2018, 10:04
Been largely Off-Grid since just a little while ago. I know everyone in our region has had different experiences with this storm (some better, many much worse) but here's what happened on our end. This was certainly a unique storm, the winds weren't all that bad compared to past storms but the previous high rainfall levels of this summer kept the water table pretty high and consequently, that's one reason why we have had so many trees down over power lines, houses, etc. The worst part about this storm was the extended heavy rain & flooding due to the slow forward speed of it. Our wind damage was limited to a Live Oak tree splitting up high and taking out 50ft of our back chain link fence but the heaving rain and wind that came after the storm center passed caused roof leaks through the entire house and eventually, flooding in the front yard seeped into the lower room/office area and partially flooded the room. The water ended up creeping up the entire length of the wood floor. So in general, the roof is going to have to be replaced/repaired, many of the callings pulled, water damage the attic repaired, and the lower room will need to be nearly gutted to repair the ceiling, floor, and possibly wall damage. All the food was lost as our generator was INOP before the storm and no one available to fix it. Oh, and my brand new 2 month old work PC that I got to replace the one hit by lightning, I am on it now but it and many other components will likely need to be replaced due to the level of moister that was and still is in this room. My experience with this sort of thing is that usually the components will fail within a couple of weeks to a couple of months (or more) after such an exposure. My monitor already has a blurry spot on the upper corner which wasn't there before the storm. So I have to re-do all of that. All in all, we got lucky compared to many and we count our blessings. Next step, the NC Wind & Flood Policy Adjuster comes Monday afternoon to assess our claim. I suppose when the time comes, we might be relocating during the work as the entire house will need ceilings pulled and replaced. Experiences like this put things in perspective! Oh, one last thing, the roof that failed so spectacularly, it was put on a little over 3 years ago and was supposed to be a 30 year roof. During Hurricane Matthew, the roof leaked around the chimney and the roofing company did come to fix that issue but it leaked in that area again. I think a lawsuit is in order when the time is appropriate! I don't know when I'm going to be back up to speed in simulations but I suspect it will be over a month of more. Admins, I am posting this here and on P3Dv4 & Newshawks for those that see or communicate with me on those forums only.

September 20th, 2018, 12:11
Oh No!!!! Storm,I'm so very sorry for you and your family,I can not even imagine the daily struggle you are all going through right now.Please keep us updated[if possible] with how you guy's are doing.My thoughts and prayers are with you buddy,God Bless.