View Full Version : TACAN frequency list for FCLP at Naval Air Stations?

Navy Chief
April 16th, 2018, 13:53
The AICarriers.cfg file for the RFN gauge has the Tacan channels for carriers, but is there a list somewhere for shore based FCLP sites? When I am using the RFN gauge and change channels, different FCLP locations scroll across the top of my monitor, briefly. But where is that information located? Thanks, NC

Navy Chief
April 16th, 2018, 18:36

I received a answer to my problem from fellow SOH member, tgycgijoes. He said:

"That green bar with the info in it is from the RFN TACAN
Resources Folder. The RFN Carriers.xml It contains an XML file
which can be opened with Notepad++. There are 80 carriers and
70 FCLPs from around the world. It can also be added to or
changed in Notepad++ after making a backup of it. I did this a
couple years ago when I was doing Carrier Air Group 5 1942 which
was the original "Big E" USS Enterprise CV-5. This contains all
kinds of superfluous carriers like Shoho, Zuiho, Akagi etc, the
WWII Japanese Carriers why I don't know. There are also TACAN
channels for helicopter landable cruisers. The folder is in the
panel folder for each aircraft with a RFN TACAN. The channels
are not there but the frequencies are."

Perfect! I edited out the carriers/ships I didn't want, and now can easily match up Tacan/Nav1 freqs with FCLP and Carriers. Thanks, Richard!:encouragement:

April 19th, 2018, 05:58
In the RFN_CarrierGauge_V5_EN.pdf file, you will find all frequency in the annex sorted by frequency and by ICAO code for the FCLP. But using the list in the New Generation panel Radio, you can directly find all that you need, without document.