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March 24th, 2018, 07:54
I had bought the original Aerofly FS when it came out so I have been eyeing the new one for a while...bought it yesterday.
No AI - the skies are empty and there is no ship or land traffic.
No ATC - they seem to be at a loss as to how to even begin to create it or implement it according to their own web forum
Non-clickable VC is a drawback too
Views - there are many viewpoint options including flyby, zoom in/out, eyepoint adjustments in the VC, external aircraft views **NO dynamic Spot View - only airplane on a stick** - but there is a bug or apparent bug in transitioning back to the VC - controls are frozen randomly but can be corrected by toggling the interior view. It seems that this is a feature? to maintain straight and level flight while one is 'looking around' maybe...maybe it's a straight bug - dunno.
Cumulus clouds cause stuttering on my machine. So back to CAVU only flights unless I use FSX. So this is NOT a replacement for that at all...yet
**Important to note that with no cumulus clouds and v-sync off (set in nvidia inspector) it is smooth as silk EVERYWHERE you fly
Based on this I think anyone looking for a better flightsim than FSX is probably better off buying P3D

That said Aerofly FS2 has a ton of potential. I am happy with the scenery and flight models. Southern California and my hometown look terrific compared to FSX ORBX and for me that makes it worth the investment.
It's great for free flight VFR at low altitude especially. That's my preferred deal anyway - and the Jungmeister is a beautiful model..as are the rest of the default planes provided.

I hope Aerofly development will continue and will focus on the things it sorely lacks. If not - it is still very pretty and fun in a more limited aspect than FSX.

March 24th, 2018, 12:46
IPACS pretty much marches to its own drumbeat... they introduce features out of the blue that generally are quite surprising!
No ATC - it will come, when they are ready
Non-clickable VC - aircraft do have (limited) clickspots, the Bombardier possibly the most functional. An A2A model, say, would blow your socks off in this sim.
Views - airplane on a stick - I am hoping a third party will produce a roaming camera and other view features. I find the preset "cameras" just as annoying as they were in FSX.
maybe it's a straight bug - Smart to buy on Steam. IPACS pushes little updates to fix issues. Often these are of their own making, but it makes for an interesting ride.
Cumulus clouds cause stuttering - you don't specify your machine. But generally the experience is that performance is never an issue, even with hi-res scenery. The clouds, being 3rd-party supplied, are slated for replacement along with a decent weather engine.
...it is smooth as silk EVERYWHERE you fly This is the second-best feature of the sim.
...it is still very pretty and fun in a more limited aspect than FSX AFS2 does not compete directly with the other sims which I think is a smart move. What it does, it does better than any. It is gorgeous to look at, and runs so smoothly that performance doesn't enter the discussion.
And... the BEST feature of the sim: it provides a VR experience that you have to experience yourself to understand. It is a whole new ballgame.
The latest feature is VR Hands which simply changes the way you interact with a simulator.
I think the IPACS team enjoys doing stuff for AFS2, and it shows.

March 24th, 2018, 13:35
thank you - I appreciate another simmer taking time to itemize a reply. I have nothing but patience and am aware that development on this title is ongoing. As I said, I'm happy just to fly over my hometown with such a high degree of fidelity and the glassy frame rates are more than welcome. My rig is a Pentium I7 at 4.2ghz nvidia 1050ti on win7 64 with 16ghz ram and an SSD ...as far as the clouds go only the cumulus cause trouble and the stutters are about every 0.5 seconds with them on. Shutting them down to the lowest setting is the only thing that stops the stuttering.
I will have to recheck now for the click spots..but it would be nice to have the same functionality across all aircraft rather than have to remember what works for each..yeah no

I look forward to updates but as I say - I'm not unhappy.
Regarding ATC - it's too bad their promotional video clearly includes ATC calls - that is pretty misleading in an almost micro-softy way

I will say this sim gives me added appreciation for all that ACES was able to incorporate into FSX out of the box...in fact - every flight sim I have has shown this on some level. Those guys should be proud of their effort despite all of the criticism
early on. I hope Aerofly can move this one forward in some of those areas in time. I'll be here