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February 20th, 2018, 06:25
The latest version of vACMI allows you to make any aircraft capable of dropping bombs on ground targets, firing cannons against ground or air targets or launching missiles against aerial targets.
The procedure is very easy and does not require having programming knowledge.

The procedure requires:
1. edit the panel.cfg file
2. possibly modify a vACMIfied.xml file changing some parameters or accept the default ones without modifying anything.

1a. In the panel.cfg file you need to add a 2D window to open the vACMI client window


[Window Titles]
Window0X=vACMI client

1b. in a virtual cockpit add the following lines:

// vACMI modules
gauge79= .\!vACMIfied
gauge86=..\..\..\..\vACMI!radar,1,1,1,1 // needed to vacmi connection in mp
// vACMI sounds
gauge89=..\..\..\..\SimSkunkWorks\vACMI\modules\vA CMI_voice_x64!Sound, 1,1,1,1, .\SimSkunkWorks\vACMI\sound\vacmi_sounds.cfg

1. Download and from here:
vACMI package and install it

2. Download the vacmify.zip from here:

unzip and copy vACMIfied.xml into the aircraft /panel subfolder (or subfolder containing the panel.cfg)
The zipped file contains also an example of panel.cfg for
<device>\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Alabeo Extra300S P3D\panel
It can be used to watch how the panel.cfg of every aircraft can be edited.


- Accepting defaults you have already loaded:
4 bombs MK82RT Snake Eye
4 AIM9L missiles
400 20mm rounds

- Once airborne all weapons are ready, however before use them you should set the vACMI Master Arm ON (shift+A)
- Bomb can be dropped using "SPACE"
- Gun can be operated with the BRAKES key (normally the joystick trigger)
- Missile can be launched assigning a key to the LANDING LIGHT (Center) sim event, we suggest button 2 of the joystick

- if you want change bombs loaded edit the vACMIfied.xml and change parameters on the file header, code should be self explanatory
- the vACMI client pop-up window auto-opens within 30 seconds after having loaded the vACMI module, unless you are using the vACMI server or target file that window
is not needed, you can close it. Those interested to use the vACMI server should visit the SSW Combat Zone site:

- vACMI Free fall / retarded bombs have realistic ballistic trajectory since have their own .air file, if the known target has been
hit produces an explosion.
- vACMI guided weapons such as GBU-12 can be aimed against a known ground/sea target, target files are easily done using vACMI partner
- vACMI Gun against aerial targets computes and solves the aiming problem, Betty voice advise you when you are on a good position to shoot
- vACMI Gun against ground targets compute bullets impact point and and produces an explosion if the targets has been hit.
- vACMI AA missiles have a seeker growling that indicates:
* lower frequency growling, seeker is searching
* higher frequency growling, target is on range
Target enters on range and is locked when distance from target is less than 7 NM and within a +- 10° searching cone ,
when locked the target remain locked within a +- 25° cone

SSW is availabe to give support to those user who want to further customize their aircrafts.
To this end open a ticket on SSW help desk under vACMI ticket category.

vACMI does not take care of the weapons that are or are not attached to the model, it simply constructs a weapon and manage it
until hit the target or the ground.
Therefore it cannot render/hide weapons on the model, is the programmer responsibility to take care of the weapon visibility,
and all related questions about weight, drag and such.

Dino Cattaneo
February 21st, 2018, 05:28
Great news!
Hopefully I'll find the time to update some of my aircrafts to include vACMI support!

Dino Cattaneo
February 21st, 2018, 07:09
I've tried to download the files from the links in the post but I am receiving an error message...

February 21st, 2018, 08:04
I've tried to download the files from the links in the post but I am receiving an error message...

Yes same here, a 404 error page.

February 21st, 2018, 11:01
Try the links in the P3D v1-3 forum at the top of this page. They were working a few moments ago.


February 21st, 2018, 13:14

vACMI 6.7.7

apologize for inconvenience

February 21st, 2018, 18:18
Is it possible to configure the Gun and Weapons Release to not be tied to the Brake and Space keys?

February 21st, 2018, 23:53
Many thanks for that Mario.


February 22nd, 2018, 02:18
Is it possible to configure the Gun and Weapons Release to not be tied to the Brake and Space keys?

Answer is yes and no.
1. Yes you can assign any keys to weapon drop, just edit vACMIfied.xml and change the trigger

<Trigger id="WEAPON DROP">
(A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) ! if{

changing "space" with whichever key or key combination you need

2: No you cannot change the sim event assigned to "BRAKES" event, however you may want change the key assigned to "BRAKES" event using sim menů "Options"

3. Also missile launch may be customized, you may want change the trigger:

(A:IS SLEW ACTIVE, bool) not
(A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) not
and and if{ @AAM_launch }
changing LANDING_LIGHT_HOME to whichever sim events you want, or (as i suggest) change the key assigned to "LANDING LIGHT (Center)"

hope this helps

February 22nd, 2018, 02:48
To integrate what can be done with vACMI here are some suggestions:
- Using vACMI partner, which is distributed with vACMI, it is possible to create target files that contain various targets, the targets are dynamically created in the indicated positions. Targets are divided by type and class, the type indicates which object has to be built, the class indicates the type of explosion that will be created if the target is hit by one of the vACMI air/surface to ground weapons.
To create a target file you start using Google Earth and create various bookmarks on the locations of the targets you want to build.
Bookmarks must then be saved in a file.kml
Using vACMI Partner you load the .kml file, vACMI Partner will make you add to each target the type, the class and also the CEP, that is the radius of the circle around the target indicating target hit or not.
The target file must be saved, with the .tgt extension, in the folder:
<device>: \ Program Files \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4 \ SimSkunkWorks \ vACMI \ ground_targets
from where it can be loaded into vACMI using the Addon menu of the simulator.
Both vACMI and vACMI partners have an user manual and tutorials in the subfolders / docs

SAM/AAA battle order is contained into a text file than can be loaded by vACMI and that can be customized, user may want create his own Battle order with SAM and AAA sites.
SAM and AAA site are able to hit and create damages to the user entering on their detect/engage range.
SAM/AAA sites are disabled when hit and destroyed.

vACMI Combat Zone
The SSW Combat Zone is an open and world-wide extended virtual space, a space where simmers using the Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D v4 flight simulator can conduct simulated combat operations with a high degree of realism, players can see real-time on a map, through a WEB interface, theirs operations and the results of the operational missions that are being conducted.
The SSW Combat Zone can be used by both a single player and many players connected to a multiplayer session.You may want visit:

It's the set of software that includes:

56 scenarios of 56 targets
25 SAM sites
10 AAA sites
20 scenarios of airports

SSW Combat zone covers most of ex-Jugoslavia territory
Many of the targets are active, such as SAM sites and AAAs are capable of producing damage to player aircraft and can be disabled if they are hit.
This software combined with the ability of vACMI to generate and manage custom and dynamically generated target sceneries, dramatically expands the capabilities of Battle Order, also vACMI has the ability to generate naval convoys on predefined routes to build more scenarios.