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Ralph B
October 8th, 2008, 16:22
Has anybody noticed that ALL ai wingmen crash on landing at Coltishaw? I'm flying the war in the west campaign and every time my flight lands at coltishaw every last one of the wingmen land,get halfway down the airfield and flip over forwards. haven't flown any other campaigns yet so thought I'd mention this.
The ETO looks great by the way.I like how a whole plane explodes right in front of you and if you fly into the pieces it causes you to explode as well.
Still looking for other goodies.can anyone recommend a good driver for an nvidea 7600 gts? the one I'm running makes the water look like there is an oil film on it. rainbow colors.
Anyway I'm enjoying the new things in ETO. thanks for this addon guys great job.:wavey:

October 8th, 2008, 16:44
I flew a mission and the same thing happened to me but I can not remember what mission it was. I thought it was just me and I did not give them the proper orders. :costumes:

Also in the Quick combat flying the L5 Sentinal with 4 wingmen 2 of the three never got off the ground they crashed into trees and failed to gain any alititude. I kept watching them but they did not climb. I never thought much of it but it may be related. The first two crashed the second two made it over the trees. Are they all tied to the leaders airspeed some how?