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January 20th, 2018, 08:37
As my PC monitor has just gone west, and I'm confronted with seemingly a million options, I was wondering how important the refresh rate was for flight simulation? I've taken a fancy to one of Dell's, but the refresh rate is 6ms but most of the others that I've looked at are 1MS. I know this is a big deal for gamers but does it matter that much for P3D and DCS?


January 20th, 2018, 13:13
Ian, I have never experienced tearing of smearing with any monitor in FSX or PD3. This includes old CRT monitors. I doubt you will have a problem with the Dell.

January 20th, 2018, 14:37
You may find with the DELL monitor is an IPS panel. Particularly if the response time is 6 ms
From my understanding the IPS panels, give better color and much better viewing angles but are slower in response time.

Personal I have 2 DELL ultra sharp (IPS) monitors a U3415 and a U2412 and love them both. I find them excellence for P3D etc. However I don't plat any games that could be adversely effected by the Lowery response time.

You may also need to consider that IPS panels are also a little more expensive.

Best wishes

January 20th, 2018, 16:57
I have a Dell U3415 and I'll second how IPS is great. No issues with P3D, or action/shooter games for that matter.

Even 6ms if fast enough to avoid issues with modern games - at 60Hz, the monitor only refreshes every 16.x ms anyway. The only time that refresh rate really offers a big advantage in modern gaming is with the new super-fast 120Hz or 240Hz monitors. Those are cool for competitive gamers who want to turn down all the details on shooters and try to use frame-rate for an advantage, but when was the last time you saw P3D hit120 fps? :)

January 20th, 2018, 22:20
I have a ASUS ProArt 27" IPS monitor @2.5k resolution, which I mainly bought for graphic design work because of it's excellent color properties (100%+ sRGB gamut coverage). It is not exactly a monitor that is rated for 3d gaming with it's 5ms grey to grey latency, but I never ever experienced any problems with it.
My old monitor, a Samsung BX2450L, is sitting next to it as a secondary screen. They are worlds apart in picture quality, I must say. Even though I never really felt that the Samsung was bad, until I saw the difference with my own eyes.


January 21st, 2018, 02:55
Many thanks everyone for all the replies, and you've certainly given me food for thought, I'll check out the IPS ones.

Thanks again,