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January 18th, 2018, 05:48
I posted a pic in the Cantina a few weeks back about my "other hobby". Mrs Willy and I were talking about getting a small tractor a few months back and she asked me if I thought I could get her Grandaddy's old Farmall Cub that was buried under boxes in the shop and hadn't ran in several years back to going. So, I went out there and got everything off it and this is what I found.


Didn't look too bad. Her Grandaddy bought it new in '51 and farmed with it until the early 80s. He parked it in his barn and it pretty much sat there for 20 years. He passed away and her Dad and I made the 90 minute one way trip and loaded it up with all the bits we could find for it and hauled it here to our farm. Her Dad had it restored (which is why it looks decent) and ran it in parades and shows for a few years, then it developed some issues and he parked it in his barn where it sat for several more years. After he passed away, I got it started back up for my mother in law and made a list of what it needed and gave an estimate on how much just the parts alone would cost and she decided she didn't want to fix it up so it sat in the shop slowly being buried under boxes of stuff being stored in there.

After I took that pic, I talked to my mother in law and she said she ought to just sell it as is and I offered to buy it. She gave it me.

After removing the cultivators (it's never going to plow a row again as far as I'm concerned), cleaning out the fuel system, rebuilding the hydraulics pump and a few more minor battles, I got it to start up and run.


My original idea was to just put a trailer hitch and use it to pull my utility trailer around. Which would be handy for hauling grandkids around too. I had an old wheelchair rack that went on the back of Mrs Willy's van so I used that for hauling stuff around when the trailer would be a bit too much.


I found a black friday sale on a blade for an atv and adapted it to the cultivator lift frame and now I don't have to shovel snow anymore.


If I can find an fairly large lawn tractor or zero turn mower that doesn't run and I can get the mowing deck off of, I'm going to put that on there as well. And I've got a few other ideas as well.

January 18th, 2018, 10:08
Great bit of work and storytelling. Thanks Willy

January 18th, 2018, 11:44
What a treasure that is.
It looks like a lot of fun to drive.

Thanks for the story and pictures.:applause:


January 18th, 2018, 19:12
My Dad bought an old Farmall Super A back in the early 70's. Had one of those little snowplow things. He worked out of state and often went out of the country as well. My two brothers and I were left with that thing to plow us and my Mom out. It had the old 6 volt electrical system and would never start when it was really cold (almost always, when it was needed), and would often freeze to the ground in the several inches of ice covered dirt in our leaky old log "carriage house". When and if it did miraculously start we froze our asses off plowing since you would have to plow constantly to keep up with heavy snow since the plow was so tiny. Oh, how we you used to curse that wretched machine!! Probably it's been kicked and sworn at about a zillion times! My little brother has since converted it to 12 volt and completely restored it. Now it will start, although the snowplowing is now left to a much newer and reliable 4WD pickup with a Fisher plow, and warmer too! Thanks Willy, for bringing back those wonderful memories of yesteryear!
The Old Master Sergeant

January 18th, 2018, 19:17
That is a gorgeous machine.... I'm envious!!! Bet it sounds amazing?!?!?!