View Full Version : F-5E v MiG-21 [VIDEO]

January 10th, 2018, 20:18
Excerpt from our flight last night. Please enjoy, but remember we're just having a good time here. We hadn't flown together in about a month...disclaimer! Here's the full video that I captured from this mission. Now set to Modern (2016) 80's style music from a great Band/artist named Meteor [they're doing the music for the DCS series aircraft by Heatblur simulations, songs are free download in their youtube channel notes] to really bring home the flight, and to cover up my poorly executed Radio etiquette! LOL. I think it works...you can still hear us, but my overly loud and clear mic transmissions are not so glaring now. Please forgive the overuse of all the "Top Gun" quotes....I was feeling in the zone...the danger zone....LOL.

EDIT: Also, this is RAW footage, no editing other than adding the music to mask my annoying self-sound track...so you get the "fog of war" debrief at the end where wild speculation runs amuck about how the mission went, as we perform our post flight After Action Review [AAR].


January 11th, 2018, 19:00
I have got to get my DCS up to date, real looking vid for sure. All players have tags on?

January 11th, 2018, 20:51
No, I just turn it because at the end of the day (when I'm playing), my eyes are straining to see the small objects on the screen without wearing my reading glasses, so I Opt to set labels on...I just realized that I recorded this mission as a track, so I went back and watched it....I can now record without labels on and overlay the audio from my Shadow play onto the new video....cut down the length of time and keep the cool music! DCS rocks! LOL. Victory, you should fly with Chris, Jon, Toby, and Chris's Dad (A former USAFE Skyblazer -F100- pilot). We're all Milviz Beta testers and it would be fun!

January 12th, 2018, 11:47
Tracking, was trying to get with you guys during beta on JoinFS. I bought the Tiger at release, but have spent zero time in it!

January 12th, 2018, 15:32
Bah! You don't need any time in it. I'll get you up to speed. We're not super hard core...I couldn't tell you how to start it from Cold/Dark right now anyway. My FS time is so limited that I can't afford to spend time with all the start up procedures, so we're usually ramp started and and then we get the jet mission ready by switching and selecting the rest prior to taxi/takeoff. We should try a flight some time. Just to putt around the NTTR, and get used to flying the Tac Formation (That's our "one thing" that we try to improve and be sticklers on...but even that is pretty lax as we all have been not flying for a while and need to knock the rust off again...so even formation flying is low key right now. Would be great to have another regular guy in the group!